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The Episode starts with Panchi packing Titu’s tiffin. She keeps a note for Titu, that Govind will not agree for his dream, they have to run an asks him to meet at the bus stand. She asks Pinky to take tiffin. Someone changes the note in the tiffin. Govind tells Titu to go factory to see new designs, and take Keshav along, if they work together, the business will work well. Keshav gets happy. Pinky and Bhagwati get the tiffins. She says Panchi could not come today, as she has work at home. Titu gets the note and hides it. He reads it and sorry, I have work, you know I love you a lot. He smiles.

Bhagwati says its good that Keshav is eating food and talks to him. She asks him to talk to Titu. Titu coughs while eating food. Keshav gives him water, and cares for him. He asks why was he eating so

fast, and scolds him. He asks Pinky can’t she keep water when she served food. Titu says its not Pinky’s mistake, your scolding had love and hugs Keshav. Keshav says I love you a lot, but don’t know why I had misunderstandings in my heart, it took time to say, forgive me. Titu says you are elder, don’t apologize and hugs him.

Panchi talks to Titu and asks did he get chit, is he his yes. He says whats there to say no, I m going factory at 5pm. She says done, and ends call. She tells Golu that Titu is smart, maybe Govind is there. Govind pays a man some money. Sureka comes to Titu and says she has to go to temple, and asks Titu to take her. Titu says dad asked me to go factory. Titu says Keshav will manage work, I will drop you. Panchi and Golu reach the bus stop. Surekha brings Titu there. Panchi asks Titu to go. Titu says I don’t know. Panchi asks him to take ticket and leave for Mumbai. He asks why. She says she sent chit and told her. He asks what chit, that had written I love you. She asks what, I wrote something else.

She says did the chit change, but who changed it. Surekha says I changed it. She says I knew Panchi’s plans, so I supported her. FB shows Surekha sending Mukund to Golu, and then changing the chit. She says even I want Titu’s dream to get fulfilled. She convinces Titu to go. He cries and explains them that he has come in this world by his parents, I have seen pride in Govind’s eyes, I can’t run. Surekha asks about his dreams. Titu says its nothing onfront of dad’s happiness. Surekha says if Govind was here, he would have been very glad.

She says she will convince Govind. He says my mum is best, I will help, and they join hands. They come home. Titu lifts Panchi and brings her to room. She says she will make him comedy star. He says yes, what about romance. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………..plays……. Titu and Panchi get close.

Titu says Surekha and Panchi are planning to trap Govind, if he knows we are doing something, then plan will flop

Update Credit to: Amena

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