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The Episode starts with the flower vendor getting beaten up by his wife. Panchi apologizes to Rekha and says I could not control myself, I can’t bear seeing laziness, are humans made to just eat, sleep. Rekha and Mukund nod yes, while Govind is shocked. Surekha makes Titu have food. Panchi says everyone should have an aim and make a list of what works he will do everyday. Titu says he wants to have sweets and Surekha says she will arrange sweets and he don’t need to go anywhere. Panchi says I hate such people who waste their loves. Govind looks on. Titu rests in Surekha’s lap and Panchi says she will do temple visit and then go home. She leaves.

Mukund tells Rekjha that Panchi told a lot. Rekha laughs and says she made me happy, she should know that her husband is more lazy than his

flower vendor. Rekha says Panchi will beat Titu with slipper and smiles. Govind comes and sees Titu resting in Surekha’s lap. Surekha talks to him and he leaves. She says what happened to him and Titu jokes. Panchi comes home and Surekha talks to him. She asks her to make some food as its part of a ritual.

She asks Titu what will he have. Titu asks Panchi does she know to make sweets. She says yes and names all sweet dishes. Titu says its just one ritual, we are not opening any sweet shop. Surekha asks her to make anything, following recipes on computer. Panchi says my mind is also like computer, I always like to make food. Surekha smiles and says its great, call Bhagwati for help.

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Rachna makes the gajar ka halwa and Chetan likes it. Manorama coughs eating it and spits it. She says its not good. Chetan gets a call and Manorama asks Arvind to give number to Rachna, its just 1/10. Chetan tells them that the hotel we booked is having renovation and now we have to give double charge to book any other hotel. Manorama says no need to go, spend time at home, we spent a lot on marriage. Chetan says but its our honeymoon. Rachna says leave it, else Manorama will be annoyed. Chetan agrees and says I will cancel it.

Manorama asks Rachna to bring food and she goes. Govind talks to Bhagwati and says Panchi does not know anything about Titu. Bhagwati says I thought she knows when she said she loves Titu. Govind says yes she loves him but she does not know Titu does not work, did I do wrong. She says no, don’t worry, its small thing, I m sure Panchi will change Titu by her love.

Govind says till Titu does not love Panchi, we have to hide this from Panchi. Bhagwati says yes. Rekha and Mukund talk about letting Panchi know everything. Panchi talks to Rachna. She cooks sweets and Rekha says the smell of halwa is very good. Panchi serves sweets to everone and they all like it. Titu jokes and they all smile. Surekha says she will give her shagun. Rekha says if we tell her and she runs, then we won’t get the halwa.

Surekha jokes with Rekha and laughs. Everyone smile. Govind gives the shagun to Panchi. Surekha asks Titu what will he give as nek to her. Titu says whats mine is hers, I mean whats dad’s is mine. Keshav and Mukund make faces. Titu jokes and makes everyone smile. Mukund tells Rekha to use Panchi. Rekha says Panchi and her family does not know, it will be fun when we break this truth infront of them. Mukund likes the idea and asks how will she do this. Rekha goes to Surekha and says she wants to come Shivgarh with them, as she has a mannat for Mukund, when he becomes successful lawyer. Surekha asks her to come, as Mukund became a lawyer and will become successful soon.

Panchi comes and sees Surekha doing Titu’s packing, and asks Titu to come and stop Surekha and do his packing himself. Everyone look on.

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