Tu Mera Hero 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manorama taunting Panchi to lock her dreams. Panchi gets sad and leaves. Rekha makes Manorama have ladoos and they get happy seeing all this what happened. Titu tells Surekha that she is best. He says you saved me from Govind. Govind signs Panchi. Titu and Surekha hug and laugh. Ram ji tells Govind that he is shocked that this happened for the first time. Surekha gives bangles to Titu asking him to give to Panchi. Titu says he is glad that they both are with him. He thanks everyone for coming, and Lord did not let them inaugurate the shop, its not made for me and Lord wants me to rest and not work.

Titu gives his humorous reasoning on what happened and how he got saved by the bad sign. Everyone laugh. He says its great that Lord has sent the snake to save me from work,

it means I m not made for work. Everyone start leaving. Panchi thinks what to do, she has to stop them. She stops them. Surekha and Titu get puzzled. Panchi says I need to talk something important.

She says everyone believe in Shiv ji, you all pray to him, even I have belief in him, but I regret that you all think his Ansh of a snake is a bad sign. She says their fear is not wrong, poison is dangerous, but do you know how did snake get poison. She says about the fight for getting Amrit, and the Lords had war with Asur, and they made poison which could ruin the world, and Mahadev drunk it to stop it, and someone else also had it, that was our Naag Devta and Shiv got impressed and said whoever does puja of Naagdevta, he will get the ansh of it.

She says how can they call snake bad, who is in Mahadev’s neck. Surekha says why is she saying this, let people go. Titu says whats happening. Panchi reminds how snake saved Vasudev in heavy rains. Govind smiles. Panchi says whom do we pray to, the one who blesses us, success depends on our hardwork. Vaishaili says she is dropping our plan. Panchi asks how can they say snake is unlucky.

Vaishaili says everyone believe such. Panchi says yes, but why. She says they all might have read, that snake is protector of treasures. Govind thinks Surekha looks angry, Panchi is doing mistake, if Surekha feels bad, their plan will fail. Sundar says it means snake came to protect Titu. Ram ji says Govind that Panchi is right. Everyone clap for Panchi. Ram ji says now we should happily inaugurate the shop. Govind says fine and thinks Panchi took brave step, but I know things will change, I will always stand by you and support.

Govind asks pandit ji to do the rituals. Surekha tries to stop them. Rekha says Titu will have to work, stop them. Surekha says what to do, why did Panchi do this. Titu asks her to manage. She says I will talk to Govind. He says I understood. She says fine, then come. He says yes, I will not sit with you, have patience, come and do puja. He asks Titu to come and makes him break coconut. Mukund thinks Panchi is clever and failed everyone along. Vaishaili thinks Panchi lost today.

Surekha and Titu do the puja with Govind and worry. Titu is made to sit in the shop. He thinks they all are happy for what happened with him. They all call him lucky. Titu says I m not lucky, this mattress is lucky to rest well. He says his sadness that he can’t rest now. Pandit ji laughs on his jokes. Govind asks him to work well and then he can rest at home. He says everyone has to work some day. He says humans have two big days, one is his birth and other when he decides himself and starts working.

Surekha thinks she did not understand why did Panchi go against them. Vaishaili smiles and tells her that Panchi is not on her side. She says come home, I will tell you everything. Govind tickles Titu and makes him laugh. Everyone smile. He asks Titu to do his work now. Manorama talks to Rachna at home. Rachna is upset with what Manorama did with Panchi. Manorama asks her to make Chetan get good post and says its her dream to see him earn well. Vaishali tells Surekha that she wants to say something. She tells her that Panchi is favoring Govind and cheating her and Titu.

Surekha does not believe her and scolds her for lying about Panchi and breaking their home. Vaishali takes her to show Panchi and Govind talking. Surekha hears Panchi saying Govind why did she stop Surekha from stopping the shop launch. Govind says he is glad, but she is in risk, as Surekha will doubt on her. Surekha is shocked knowing Panchi is against her. Govind blesses Panchi as he felt proud when Titu sat at the shop. Panchi says she did this to make Titu work, as she can’t bear his laziness, she is feeling bad for cheating Surekha and Titu. Govind asks her not to worry and he will always support her. Vaishali smiles. Surekha looks on and gets angry. Govind says what Panchi did was right and blesses her. Panchi says she will try to make place in Surekha’s heart again and show her by becoming her Panchi. Surekha cries.

Panchi explains Surekha that Titu need to work and know the real meaning of his own identity and work. Surekha gets angry on her and raises hand to slap her. Panchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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