Tu Mera Hero 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu realizing Rekha has said something else. Mewalal says he accepts this condition. Titu and family look at each other. Mewalal says if I win over Ram, everyone will think this competition was not equal, so I want Titu to stand against me. Titu and everyone get shocked. Mewalal says he is Ram’s supporter right. The people ask everyone to see Rekha has asked her family to give proof, she is not partial and cheer for her. Titu gets worried. Rekha gets tensed and thinks why does she feel she had to say something else.

Its night, Titu cries and asks Rekha what did she do, why did she say wrong. Govind asks Rekha how did she do mistake when she read the letter. Rekha says no, I know it was big responsibility on me, so I have read right and it was written in the letter,

I did not know sweets were around me. Titu asks did she think how will he climb pyramid, no one in our family broke dahi handi, spare me, forgive me. Rekha says I also felt I had to say something else.

Panchi checks the letter and says Rekha is right, she read whats written, but this is not Titu’s hand writing. Surekha and everyone see it. She asks who has written this. Mewalal says I have written this and laughs. He says he will win like eveyr year, he is champion and Titu can’t win, and thanks to Rekha. Rekha asks him when did he change chit. Mewalal says he has read it and changed the chit. Rekha scolds him and he laughs. Mewalal asks Titu to be ready tomorrow and wishes them happy janmashtami. He leaves. Titu gets angry.

Titu and Govind try to get any mandli for winning tomorrow. Golu says all mandlis are booked and good players are with Mewalal. Panchi says what will we do now. Titu thanks Jatin for his big help. He says Jatin Verma is sending mandli, its set matter now, now I have to prepare, its my duty to clean Ram’s image, Mewalal is gone. Panchi says I m sure, you will win. They all get glad and wish him luck.

Its morning, Mewalal comes with his big team and taunts on Titu, who has no mandali. He asks his team to play dhol. He gets shocked seeing Titu and Panchi wit their big team. Titu and his team stand united. Rekha comes there and people greet her. They all pray. The man announces the teams of Titu and Mewalal, and whoever wins to break the dahi handi, their team and sweet shop will win. Everyone clap. Golu says our Titu will win. The man says we will start the game by the aarti.

They all do the aarti. Mewalal looks confident and applies oil to the aarti plate. Mewalal does the aarti and smiles. Panchi and Titu do the aarti. Mewalal thinks Titu’s mandli wil lose and smiles.

The competition to break dahi mandi starts. Everyone cheer for both the teams. The teams get ready and Mewalal makes the first level. Titu also makes the first level and they both try to break matki first. Panchi and everyone smile. Mewalal is glad as he has applied oil on aarti plate and which everyone of Titu’s mandli held, so the man fall while making the pyramid. Sharmili and Ram think why are the men falling again and again. Titu worries.

The mandli apologizes to Titu and tells about the oil on their hands. Titu says its fine you guys came to help me and asks them to come. They leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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