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The Episode starts with everone having lunch. Panchi asks Titu how’s the daal. He says very nice. Govind asks him about day at work. Titu says it was good. Govind asks about orders. Surekha asks him to talk about family, not work, and let Titu have food. Govind says he will go for a walk and gets ready to go shop. Surekha says she will come along. He asks what will she do, and says get ready well in good clothes. She says she is already looking good. He asks her to get ready so that she looks colorful. She smiles and says she is seeing his heart becoming colorful. She goes to get ready. He laughs and says he has to go to shop. He leaves.

Titu asks Govind why did he come to shop. Govind says I can’t sit at home. Titu sees the orders and asks Titu to see well and sign. Govind asks can’t

he see me, and signs on papers. He says he can’t live without the shop, this shop has his happiness. Panchi comes and says she wanted to explain this to him, give Titu the permission to go Mumbai. They all come home. Govind asks Panchi how dare she do this. She says I wanted to show that Titu is going through same pain like you felt being at home, and asks him to let Keshav work at the shop.

She says he is not giving Keshav’s right and not trusting him. Titu says she is right, Keshav worked hard at the shop, he deserves all the praise, he is the strong foundation of the shop, the shop will not work without him, and asks him to say did Govind feel the burden of the shop on him, Keshav has always took half burden on him and did not let you know, whatever I do, Keshav has right on the shop, and its time to give hi right and respect, he deserves it. Keshav is stunned.

Surekha says I did not give birth to Keshav, but I m also his mum. She says Keshav did not look into your eyes and did not raise voice, it does not mean you will forget him, leaves make noise and it does not have sound, flowers are quiet and it has essence, feel his essence once, be proud of him and give him his right. Panchi says Keshav and Titu needs the working space, Keshav needs shop and Titu needs stage, please agree for them. Govind says you want me to leave my respect and hardwork, since 40 years.

He says it would be better than you kept your husband a lazy man, its bad to entertain people and it will insult our family, is he any joker to do anything weird. He goes. Bhagwati looks at Keshav. Keshav goes to his room and sits upset. Bhagwati says Govind will agree to you some day. Keshav says I m not worried, I m very happy today. He says I have got mum’s love from Surekha and brother’s love from Titu, today Surekha fought for me, as she fought with Dadi and Maa for my polio in childhood, and I have always cursed Titu and thought he is my enemy, he has fought for me, I was very wrong. Bhagwati smiles.

Keshav says I m his elder brother, and today he has raised in my eyes, I respect him a lot. She asks why is he telling him, and go to Titu to tell him how much you love him, Titu will be glad. He says yes, I will tell Titu that I love him a lot.

Panchi cries and Titu asks is she not getting sleep. He says Govind loves you more than he loves me, he was angry and scolded you. She says she did not feel bad of Govind’s words, and she is sad for him. He says he will work anywhere as she is with him. He says he has to get serious in life. She thinks she knows his pain and she will not let his talent go waste. She says she will cheat Govind but she will help Titu.

Panchi talks to Golu. Golu says Titu has big talent and he did not realize it. She says yes, we did late, we will not waste time, we will make Titu a comedy star. Golu says I will become his secretary and she smiles. He asks whats the plan, what I have to do, I m ready. She says she called him to say the plan. He says fine, I will think of some idea. She says even I will think. He says everytime Mukund used to drop any good idea unknowingly, but this his help is not here. Mukund comes there and Golu gets sad. Mukund scolds him. Golu asks him to scold him and say whatever he wants. Mukund asks why. Golu says your words are good for me, and help me, please say anything.

Mukund asks is he mad, I did much foolishness many times, and have eloping plans before. Panchi gets happy. Mukund asks why he needs idea. Golu says for Cheeni, and asks him how to keep his wife happy. Mukund says I won’t say and goes. Golu says this time he did not say. Bhagwati tells Panchi that food is made. Panchi gets another idea, and tells Golu that they will make Titu elope from Mathura to Mumbai, we will not tell this to Titu on phone, she has a plan. She smiles.

Panchi packs Titu’s tiffin and puts a note for him inside the tiffin. Someone replaces the chit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Non other than vaishali who changed the chit!!

  2. Nope its sureka who changed the chit

  3. I want to appreciate the dialogues written and executed by the casts on 15.07.2015 so nicely that it has created positive thinking in the minds of not only in indian family but abroad family also for living under one roof. I hope such type of positive episode will also be telecasted by other TV serials and by my favourate team of Tu Mera Hero.

    Good Luck to all! Thanks for motivational episode for the world.

    With kind regards

  4. yeah the hand shown was not of vaishali’s but of surekha’s…….looked like elder’s hand….nd soooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. plz update today’s epi

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