Tu Mera Hero 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha and Panchi talking to some snake vendor. Panchi asks what is she upto. Surekha says she does not want any poisonous snake and gives the address, asking him to keep the snake in the shop. She pays him money and tells Panchi that Govind will send Titu from shop himself. She asks the man to come on time. She meets few ladies and talks. Panchi thinks she has to tell Govind. She says she got Kamlesh’s call and goes. She calls Govind and tells him everything.

Govind gets angry. Panchi says how shall I stop her, she will understand. He says don’t worry, let them cook, I will see. Everyone say congrats to Govind for Titu’s startup. Titu says see him, and gets tensed. Surekha sees Panchi worried and asks whats the matter. She asks her not to worry. Govind tells

Panchi that he will manage. They do high five and smile. Panchi thanks him.

Mukund asks why are we seeing this circus. Vaishali asks him to wait, it will be fun. They see the store and Golu talks to Titu. Titu starts his lecture and says whats there in name. The pandit comes and Titu gets sad. Govind asks him to start. Surekha says let it be 4pm. Govind asks her not to worry, and calls Titu for the inauguration. Surekha worries.

Titu cuts the ribbon and everyone clap. Surekha sees the snake inside and smiles. She says snake and screams. They all get worried. Govind asks where is snake. She shows him. Titu runs. Manorama says how did it come. Vaishali smiles and signs Mukund. He gets glad. Vaishali thinks how she heard Govind talking to Panchi, and then giving extra money to the man to put snake before 4pm. Titu says how did the snake come here, think. Surekha says she got it, and acts saying how did snake come, why did Lord sent it, what sign he wants to give.

People say its bad sign. Surekha cries and says its such unlucky sign. Titu asks her to calm down, and jokes on her. Govind asks Bablu to send snake out. Titu asks him to be careful. Bablu catches the snake. Rekha says its big bad sign, this shop should not open now, lock the shop now. Manorama says Lord knows Titu can’t work, so he has sent snake to stop him. Surekha acts and says Titu your shop will be closed now, its good he was not there.

She says she will do what Lord wants, this shop won’t open now. Rekha says yes, it won’t open. Panchi thinks. Govind looks on and asks Surekha to stop this drama. He says there was snake, and Bablu has taken it. He says he knows she got the snake here. She asks what is he saying. Panchi thinks what to do now. Surekha says its good that something bad is not happening. She asks guests to have Prasad laddoos and then leave.

Titu asks for laddoos too. Govind asks Panchi to come. Everyone eats laddoos. Mukund takes laddoo from Rekha and eats for the success. Rekha says she did good drama and this happened. They all get glad. Manorama taunts Panchi and asks when will Titu work, he sits at home and sings Tu Mera Hero all the time. She says a woman is known by her husband, her respect is by him, and says she is eating failure ladoo for first time. She says she got special gift for her, and asks her to take it. She says see the truth and opens it. She gives the lock and taunts her. Rachna looks on and gets sad seeing Panchi getting humiliated. Manorama says her fate will not open, she will be Nikhattu’s wife. Manorama asks her to take the lock and lock all her dreams and wishes. Panchi gets teary eyed.

Titu says Lord came as snake and told me that Titu live your life, this is not my work, my work is to rest. Panchi stops everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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