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The Episode starts with Vaishaili asking Rekha to have sweets and say. The people call her daring. Titu says don’t eat, its bad. Rekha says no, I did not mean this. Surekha says if anything happens to Rekha then.. Vaishaili says nothing will happen and asks Rekha to taste it and say, it won’t affect her. Rekha thinks Vaishaili will not leave her and she is taking revenge. Titu asks Rekha not to eat and return the plate. Titu, Panchi, Surekha and Govind try to stop Rekha. Rekha tastes the sweet and says its good and nothing wrong in the use of food products in it.

Mewalal scolds Titu for blaming him and ruining his name, Rekha says its wrong to blame anyone without proof and Mewalal is my prime devotee, he can’t do wrong. Mewalal says Rekha Maiyya Ki Jai and Titu gets annoyed. They

all leave. Everyone come home and hear Vaishaili telling Rekha that Mewalal’s sweets were faulty and she has changed the sweets. Rekha asks how can Mewalal do this. Govind scolds Vaishail for being so selfish to support Mewalal, and she knows people can lose lives too. Mukund comes and starts eating the sweets.

He asks what happened, why are they all standing quiet. Rekha asks him not to eat sweets, its bad. Mukund starts coughing. Titu runs to get water. Govind asks Vaishaili to see Mukund has eaten bad sweets. The doctor checks Mukund and says he has food poisoning by the sweets, give him liquid diet for few days. Rekha tells Vaishaili that she can’t believe Vaishaoli can fall so low, Mukund is in this state. She scolds Vaishaili and cries.

She asks Vaishaili how will she hide her deeds from Lord. Vaishaili accepts her mistake and says I did not think about people who will eat this bad sweets, I did not notice this in my greed, forgive me please. She says she is very ashamed and apologizes. Rekha says even I did mistake, I have made Mukund fall in trouble, nothing is imp to me than my children. She apologizes to Govind and says I will tell everyone that I m not any Rekha Maa, I just know what my children needs, I can’t say any future.

Titu thinks and asks Rekha not to tell this to anyone, if you keep this acting till Janmashtami, its good. Govind asks why. Titu says Mewalal has used people’s trust on Rekha Maa, we will also do the same, we will slap him for breaking everyone’s trust and expose his truth. Rekha talks to Vaishaili and says we have to do this acting well and swears on sweets that she will do justice and not move back. She says she is tensed and prays.

Mewalal comes to meet Rekha and says I want you to tell devotees to have Kalakhand, as I have doubled the rates for it. Rekha drops the paper which Titu gave her. Mewalal sees the paper. Rekha stops him and says sure. Vaishaili takes the sweet boxes and leaves. Mewalal asks Rekha to say what color os sweets she should make.

Titu keeps Kanha idol in the cradle and everyone have a Jagran. Sharmili comes there and says Mewalal has cheated everyone, he has mixed bad sweets in for sweets and ruined our name, he did not think how many innocent lives can die. Mewalal says what nonsense, stop it, how will I do it, ask Rekha Maa. Sharmili says yes, Rekha Maa will decide.

Sharmili asks Titu will he support her. Titu says yes, I know well that they are innocent, so I m with them. Sharmili asks Rekha to do justice, she will go when her dad gets justice. Rekha thinks its her turn now. Govind says we all are with Sharmili and get justice for you, Mewalal got angry when Titu refused him for doing ad. Mewalal says I don’t need Titu, Rekha Maa is favoring my shop. They all like the sweets of Ram’s shop. Rekha says calm down. She forgets her lines and looks in the paper Titu gave her. She asks them to do dhyaan and close eyes. Surkeha says whats Rekha doing. Panchi says just Rekha knows it.

Rekha says calm mind gives strength to hear right and wrong. Titu smiles. Rekha says she will do justice and reads the chit, that tomorrow it will be decided on dahi handi day, both members have to show their innocence proof, the one who breaks the dahi handi first will be innocent. Mewalal smiles. Titu gets stunned as he did not write this letter. Rekha says the one who does not reach dahi handi will get punished. Panchi signs Titu to ask whats this.

Rekha says she wrote that was in letter. Titu says why will I write about dahi handi. Panchi says who wrote this letter. Mewalal comes and says I wrote it, and laughs. They all look on angrily.

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