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The Episode starts with Titu seeing Panchi sad. He hugs her and says this sadness does not suit you, so just smile. He says Govind is right. She asks what about your happiness, will you be happy sitting at the shop, Lord gave you big talent. He says I won’t go against dad. She says what if he agrees. Titu says then I will go ahead. He says I know my dad, he will not agree, I want peace in this house. She says she will make Govind agree. Bhagwati sees Keshav sad and asks him to get ready for going to shop. He says I don’t know to go or not, Govind made me feel that he is nothing to him. Bhagwati asks him to think from Govind’s view, he is over happy seeing Titu work at shop. She says he will be hurt if he does not go to shop, Titu is new and can’t manage shop without you. He says love is more

great than self esteem, I will not beg to Govind for food. He cries and hugs her. She consoles him.

Govind gets ready for shop and says he is getting late. Pacnhi says if he wants Titu to manage shop, then he has to leave shop to Titu, if he wants Titu to forget his dream and work at shop, then he has to trust Titu fully, she can’t see Titu divided. Surekha says Panchi is right, and asks Govind to sacrifice. Panchi thanks Surekha in heart that she favored her.

Govind asks what will I do at home. Surekha reminds his promise that he will give her time when he retires. Everyone smile. Titu asks Bhagwati about Keshav, they have to leave for shop. Bhagwati says he is unwell, he won’t come to shop. Titu asks her to take care of Keshav. Surekha and Govind bless him and Titu leaves. Surekha asks Govind to have breakfast.

Bhagwati tells Surekha that she has liked that she gave chance to Titu to fly in free sky, Govind agreed because of her, this is proved that son always needs a mum’s support. Surekha says yes, mum teaches child to walk and supports always. She says Keshav loves Rekha and Rekha also loves him, but he needs a mum who can take care of him, and you can become that mum. Surekha is stunned and cries.

Govind reads paper. He finds hard to pass time, and says I have to go shop. He asks Rekha to relax, he did not tell her. He says I don’t have to go shop, what shall I do. She says I m peeling matar beans and says where did it go. He says he has to be at home all day. Panchi brings tea for him and smiles, as her plan is working. Surekha goes to Keshav and and says she did not know about his ill health. She says she did not ask about him since years, and cries.

She showers motherly love on him and asks why did he shut way for him, its her mistake, when Titu was not born, she made him her son, and loved him, then people called me Baanch, and she had to make him away being helpless, then Titu came and her focus went on him, she was wrong to just love Titu and not loving her elder son, it does not mean her love got less, she loves him. Keshav cries. She says about his childhood and says this relation will never end. Keshav hugs her and cries. Bhagwati looks on and cries. Surekha promises Keshav that she will love him and also make him get his rights. She apologizes to him.

Sundar tells Govind that he is glad seeing him at home, he will play with him. Surekha says he looks so peaceful and asks him is he feeling good to rest. He says he did not get time to relax at home. Titu calls Panchi and she talks on speaker. He asks her to keep everything ready, he will come in some time, is everything fine at home, and asks about dad. She says he is fine, mum is doing hair champi. She says he will get habitual to not go to shop, don’t worry. Surekha asks Govind to come with her, they will go out.

Govind prays at home and plays with Sundar. Surekha spends time with him. He says his day is not passing. She gets annoyed saying he does not have anything to talk to her. She leaves. He says what shall I say again and again, and sees the time. Bhagwati teases Panchi for makin Titu’s fav food. She goes. Panchi talks to her and says she feels good cooking for Titu, and doing small things for him. Titu comes and hears her. She says I like doing all these things, I felt romance means lovely talks, going on dates, giving rose, now I feel this is also romance. Titu hugs her and says then whats this. She says this is cheating, when did he come. He says cheating is talking well behind back, say to me also. Bhagwati comes and he leaves saying salt in daal is fine. Panchi smiles. Bhagwati says lets serve food.

Panchi asks Govind to give the shop to Keshav and stage to Titu, please agree. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. till now govind wabted titu to work by his heart but when titu has this oppurtunity he is not allowing titu……at this moment i fell surekha is better than govind

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