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The Episode starts with everyone greeting the Lord’s pic on the white screen. Titu tells Panchi that real magic starts now. The power goes. Everyone start asking whats this and make noise. Golu asks them to sit. Panchi and Titu shake hands. Titu slowly leaves in the darkness and goes backstage. Surekha and Govind smile. Vaishaili says how should I catch that man. Mukund says how to stop them from snatching Sundar, what should I do. She asks his help to find someone she did not meet. He says Govind and Keshav have faith in me that I will not lose Sundar’s case, this is serious. She says I m stuck in big problem.

He says sorry and asks her to know the man by his relatives or go where he was seen last, he will leave some clue. She thanks him and asks him not to take tension, his problem will

get solved soon. He says is she wife or mean girl, I have to do something, I can’t see Keshav sad. Vaishaili comes to the park and the guard says he has to see film. She says she wants to get some clue and sees T P there made on the tree. She says whats TP.

Titu dances behind the white screen and his shadow is seen. Everyone say Mehmood and clap for him. Titu dances on Hum Kaale to kya hua………… Vaishaili calls Rekha. Rekha says you are finding clue there, Mathura is here and they all are seeing Mehmood dancing here. Vaishaili says what, I m coming. Everyone like the dance and go to see Mehmood. Panchi says why is Titu not running. Vaishaili comes there. Rekha stops her and asks why does she want to see Mehmood ji. The crowd gathers there. Vaishaili moves the curtain.

Keshav finds Mukund worried. He asks him to help him, and says he is helpless. Mukund says don’t fold hands, you are elder, bless me. Keshav asks is there no way that Sundar stays with us always, trust me, I have changed, I agree that I did not accept Sundar before, now he is part of our life. Mukund says Rakesh will play some other game, he will say when Keshav gets his own children, will he love Sundar equal. Keshav says trust me, I will love Sundar. Mukund says yes, I know, but we have to think how to prove this.

Everyone see that man disappeared and left a chit there with a dummy. Panchi smiles and reads not now, after 3 days. Vaishaili thinks he is too smart and went. Titu comes to Panchi. She says you are very smart. Titu says lets see whats magic this time. He asks whats this job, who is he. The old woman says it was magic, he has shown good dance, maybe Mehmood came or his fan. Titu asks will they like to see Mehmood. The man says we used to walk miles to see him, he will always rule in our heart. Panchi and everyone smile.

Panchi says just 3 days, its close. Surekha says we have to do all work soon. Govind says by hiding. Panchi says Titu has to prepare for his performance. Surekha says we are united, don’t worry Titu. Titu says yes, I m not worried, but I m afraid that our plan may leak, Jatin Verma would have known this, his show is on same time same day, I think he will come Mathura and stop our show before it comes. Golu asks them to see tv. They see Mehmood’s news and sees what celebrities say. Panchi says response is good.

Jatin gets angry and says this is not right, its big game, my show is on same day, its not good. His assistant says his tickets are selling. Golu tells Titu that tickets are selling. Titu says Jatin will try to ruin our show.

Its morning, Keshav is worried thinking about Sundar. He comes to the hospital and nurse asks him to come inside. The boss asks Vaishaili why did she not take video. She says everyone uploaded video online. He asks her why did she not get video first. She hides about the clue finding and says she was finding her personal thing. He asks when will we show his face. She says he said he will show his face on his show. He says no, we want his story, else find any other job.

Titu and Panchi have a talk and think what to do to hide his face in the show. She says she is worried. He sees her tensed and makes her smile. He asks her not to take tension. They have a sweet moment. She gets shy. He asks about kids. She says she has stress, they decided they will not have kids till he achieves his aim. He says so I m running towards his aim to get close to her. She laughs. He says you inspired me and gave me courage, and kisses her. She hugs him. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam……………….

Titu says we are TP, no one will know it, till then he will become a star soon. Jatin asks Vaishaili to give him the info and she shakes hands. She says she will expose TP.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…love Panchi…she z wise and strong gal….all the best to her and her hero…titu…

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