Tu Mera Hero 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kamlesh greeting Govind. He says Titu and Golu were fooling him. Govind is shocked. Kamlesh says he came to know in time and came to tell him. Titu gets tensed and acts like Dada ji. Panchi says now Titu is caught, nothing can happen now. Surekha supports Titu and tries fooling Govind. Titus as great bahu, you have good memory, she remembers my likes and dislikes. Kamlesh says Titu got good training. I was on duty, and I got complaint for stealing electricity and I got Golu and came to know all this. He says then he got Golu and came here. He says he will go, he has to go for round. He leaves.

Govind turns and looks at Titu angrily. Toitu gets tensed and hides behind Surekha. Govind asks whose idea was this. Titu points to Mukund. Govind shouts Mukund. Titu says not Mukund’s.

He says I have such talent. Surekha smiles. Titu says I can do such good acting. He asks how did he get such values, he knows well and sees Surekha. Titu says he has fooled her, and pulls his cheeks. Everyone smile. Titu acts like Dada ji and laughs.

Everyone smile. Surekha praises Titu and Rekha was fooled, Titu just guessed about ring and Rekha accepted it. She says it was not known since years and they got the ring too. They all laugh. Govind gets angry and everyone stop laughing. Govind says I will not leave Titu today and takes stick, to run after him. Rekha smiles. Govind says come infront, else I will beat double. Titu comes and is worried. Govind laughs.

Everyone get surprised. Govind hugs Titu and laughs. He says you made me recall my dad, I felt like dad came back, my dad always wanted me to become something, even I want you to do something. He says he will get prize for this acting, he will go for shop tomorrow. Panchi smiles and says sorry. Titu acts like Dada ji and says Titu won’t go shop, he is too young. They all laugh.

Titu talks to Panchi and they play snake and ladder game. Titu asks Panchi about supporting Govind, as he felt so. She gets tensed. He says you are winning. She says she is playing fair. He wins and she smiles. She says its her victory in his victory. He says but dad failed me, I have to do something. He says mum will think something. Panchi thinks he is winning there, its just that he is not seeing.

Govind asks Surekha how does she know so much. Surekha says he tells her about his dad on every Holi, after he drinks bhaang. She says he tells everything. He laughs. She says Titu will not work, his fate is something else and supports Titu. He gets angry and scolds her. He asks her not to be mad in son’ love, if he says, I m working to breath, what will she do, will she stop his breath, teach him to live life freely. She asks is he blaming her. He says, its bitter truth that you are talking Titu to wrong way.

She says I just want Titu’s happiness. He asks her to sleep as they have to do shop puja in morning. Titu talks to Golu. Golu says I don’t know how Kamlesh came. Titu says is this his friendship and acts annoyed. Golu apologizes to him. Titu says he has forgiven him and hugs Golu.

Rachna tells Chetan about food department. Manorama signs her to say and shows jewelry. Rachna talks to Chetan. Chetan says we can’t afford rich living, and Rachna asks him to take food department. He says he likes education department. She says our expenses will increase, and food department has much scope. She says we have to see future savings. Manorama smiles.

Vaishaili fools Surekha and says about her dad. She scares her about Titu’s work. Govind comes to wake up Titu and Titu gets it. Govind asks him to get ready fast. He scolds and pushes him on the bd. Titu cries.

Surekha plans and tells Panchi that Govind will make Titu leave his shop.

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