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The Episode starts with Gulgule saying he has to prepare anything himself. Titu meets him in disguise of a cartoon character and tells him that his mic is also on, he will help him. FB shows Titu hearing Mukund and Rajni talking about their plan to fail Gulgule. Gulgule wears the mask and says his poetry is on kids, and tells them that times have changed. He says he will sing a song in kids’ voice. Titu starts singing and Gulgule enacts. Everyone clap for him. Mukund and Rajni look on. Rajni thinks don’t know when did the helper came and gave the poetry, he is great poet and very smart too. Golu asks Eshaan to announce the winner name. Ehsaan says the kids audience will decide the winner.

The kids raise hands to give marks to all contestants. Rajni gets 15 points. Titu prays that Gulgule

wins. Ehsaan says its also 15 for Gulgule, so there is tie between Rajni and Gulgule today, it means they are equal. Ehsaan sings a parody and everyone clap. Titu thinks he will be late to get Panchi. Gulgule thinks he has to ask Titu to help again. The next round is at 8pm, and Ehsaan says the topic is who is better, guys or girls, the winner will be given a special prize, he will give the silver stick given to him by his teacher and shows it, saying he will give this to deserving one. Titu says he does not want this, he wants 15000rs. Gulgule says he will win this to make his name shine.

Golu says we will meet after this break. Rekha sings bhajan happily. Surekha asks her to stop it, they have to prepae for Panchi’s grah pravesh. Vaishaili thinks how to go, Surekha has given her work, Bhagwati has become devdas and working so slow, how to find out what is Titu doing, and gets an idea. She acts and says her friend met with an accident, her family is not here, shall I go. She leaves.

Gulgule scolds Titu for not writing a good poetry. Titu thinks he wants to end this soon, Panchi might be waiting. Gulgule says he does not wish to lose this contest, he wants the silver stick, else he will not give him money. Titu says enough, he will make an urgent call and meet him soon. Gulgule gets scared. He asks his men to know Rajni’s plans.

Panchi tells Cheeni that there should be perfection in work. Cheeni says I will miss you, I wish I could come with you, you are lucky as your husband is trying hard to free you, but I don’t have anyone, I m from orphanage. Gulgule gets the useless news about Rajni’s dress. Gulgule beats the men. Titu talks to Panchi and he asks does she wish to come home. She says she wants to come soon. He says just one hurdle is there. She says she is always with him, everything will be fine. He asks her to wait for him, he will come to take care.

Vaishaili gets to know Titu’s big talent, as she hears him talking to Gulgule.

Update Credit to: Amena

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