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The Episode starts with Panchi telling everyone about Ehsaan’s stick which his Guru gave him, and which Ehsaan gave to Titu being happy with his talent and poetry, this is laughter show entry pass. Golu says I knew this and I told everyone. Titu asks Panchi where did she get this. Govind and Surekha see the entry pass and get happy. Govind says its not about how she got it, the stain is washed away, our son is not a thief, he is talented. Panchi says she has to tell something. Govind says that we have to apologize to Titu. She says I have to tell some truth. Vaishaili prays. Panchi says Titu’s happiness is… Golu’s Tau ji asks will they do Cheeni’s vidaai or not. They go for the vidaai. Panchi thinks she will talk to them after vidaai, and till then she has some work to end.


vidaai is done. Panchi goes to Vaishaili. Vaishaili packs her bag. Panchi asks why is nshe doing new drama, why did she try to break Titu and her relation, why did she not let Titu work, Titu is working even today, but his smile was missing, Vaishaili knows Titu has talent which can take him to sky heights and even then she has hidden it, what problem she has with Titu. Vaishaili asks her to see other’s pain. She asks did she not see Keshav’s pain, and Mukund’s rights. She says she has done this for Keshav and Mukund, its injustice with them, their dad is not here, it does not mean they are inefficient.

Vaishaili says the biasing at home between Titu, and Keshav-Mukund. She asks Panchi if she has done his wife’s duty, she has also done the same. She gets glad by fooling Panchi in her words. Panchi gets sad. Its night, Titu comes to his room and sees Panchi crying. He asks why is she crying. She apologizes to him again and says she has scolded him a lot. He says its not her mistake and hugs her, saying they have to make the future beautiful. She says yes, it will be fine and talks about his talent, its big talent. He says yes. Rajni also said this. She says he has entry pass, its big opportunity, he can fulfill his dream, she will do his packing, I don’t believe that I did not realize your talent seeing you perform so many times. He makes her sit and starts his humor talk. He makes her smile and she laughs. Nikhattu………plays………..

She says we have to show this talent to everyone. She thinks to talk about Keshav too. She says come, we will go to Govind and Sureka and talk. He smiles. Govind is talking to Surekha and is glad about Titu. Keshav cries and says it was worst day of my life, Titu was lazy and today he is owner of the shop. Bhagwati pacifies him. Panchi beats the plate and calls everyone out.

Panchi says she has to tell them something imp, Titu has not earned 15000rs by theft, he has earned by his talent to become comedy star. She says he should go to Mumbai to make his future. Govind says I thought you are smart and this has shaken my trust, you want my son to become comedian and make people laugh, and scolds them. He says I m big businessman and I want him to manage my work, Titu is managing shop and earning name for me, you wanted him to work, why does Panchi want to throw Titu in same pit again.

Panchi says Titu will go to shop but he will not be happy, as he is not made for this work, like Koel is made to sing, she can’t become an eagle, tiger can’t protect a house. She says Titu will make people laugh its good thing, Titu gets happiness. She tries to convince him. He says no, you are thinking wrong. He says everything is fine in this house like I wanted, my son is managing my business, he can make the family laugh by his talent every weekend. He asks is Titu not happy, when did she see him crying, he can act at home and fulfill his dreams. Panchi asks Titu to say. Surekha says see… Govind says enough…. Titu gets sad. Govind angrily leaves. Titu asks Panchi to end this matter here, he has made place in his heart by difficulty and does not want to lose it. He goes. She says no, Govind has to understand Titu’s real happiness, Titu’s love will make him agree for this, I will convince him to give Titu his wishful future and life.

Govind says I m leaving for shop. Panchi asks him to give shop’s responsibility to Titu fully, if he wants to make Titu work. She says she can’t see Titu divided in two works and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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