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The Episode starts with Panchi asking Bhagwati to come to Shivgarh. Bhagwati says I can’t come. Rekha says what will she do there, she is very busy in work, she does not like going out. Bhagwati says Keshav will be staying here to manage shop and I have to be with him. Panchi says yes, after Govind and Titu go, all work will come on Titu. Rekha says Titu? She goes as Mukund calls her. Bhagwati says tell me if you need anything. Surekha talks to Govind and says she will take Titu and Panchi to Shivgarh, and they can’t start their married life, so I asked Bhagwati to take her to Titu. He gets glad. She says I was against her before, but till when will I be annoyed.

Bhagwati asks Panchi to be in terrace and she will get Titu here. Panchi says she will get time with Keshav when we all go,

you are still shy after so many years, how romantic. Govind massages Surekha’s feet and she wakes up asking him to leave her. She sees the gold anklets he made her wear and says its very nice. He says when Titu was born, you were sleeping like this, and I made you wear anklets, and today you accepted our bahu, Titu will be very prosperous now. She says even I want this and they smile. Golu makes Titu sit on the chair and Pinki teases him.

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Pinki says she likes Panchi a lot. His friends say we too. Golu asks Titu will he change, as he heard every person changes after marriage. Titu tells them he will not change and gives his humorous explanation. They laugh. Bhagwati asks Titu to come and talk to Panchi. She takes Titu. Titu meets Panchi and they have a sweet filmi talk. Panchi laughs on his jokes.

She asks him about the chair. He says your dad has a big heart, he has given so many items without telling me. She thinks maybe he wantd to sit on such chair in the shop. He asks her to thank her dad. She gets glad that he loves and respects her dad. Titu gives her a rose ad fixes it in her hair. She sees in mirror and smiles.

Titu says what did I think and what happened. She asks what. He says we were friends and now we got married. She says you are very funny, but its destiny Ashish. Titu says what, I was Titu till yesterday, don’t call me Ashish, I m fine with Titu. She smiles. He tells her about Ruhi, and his heart is small and can’t accommodate her, he don’t know he can forget her or not.

She smiles and says love sometimes happen at first sight and sometimes it takes many years, things look good when you are in love and we accept the person by all good things and bad things. Rekha tells Mukund that Panchi does not know what does Titu work. Mukund says it means Panchi does not know Titu. Panchi asks Titu to give some time to this relation and it will grow, they will become husband and wife, they will have understandings and our small hearts will have place for each other’s love.

She turns and sees Titu sleeping. She says he got tired in marriage function, and smiles. Mukund says Titu is zero and Panchi thinks he is hero. Rekha says Panchi will leave Titu.

The family does the puja. Titu sleeps and Panchi comes to him. She smiles seeing him sleep innocently like a kid. Water falls on him and she cleans it. his hand comes across her and she smiles. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………….plays…………..

Panchi scolds a man for being useless and lazy, and Mukund, Rekha and Mukund hear this how Panchi defines a good husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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