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The Episode starts with Vaishaili saying how can this happen, Titu is here and he performed. Rekha asks are you in shock, how can Titu be here, he is sleeping infront of me here. She ends call and goes. Vaishaili says if Titu is at home, who was here. Surekha asks Titu’s friend to get up and asks how did he get hair like Titu. Titu smiles seeing Vaishaili and says it was him. He recalls how he has danced. Panchi comes to him and says very good, Vaishaili will be in shock, what will I get to help you. He says a special sign. He makes their initials TP on the tree and says this is our love, wait for real magic. She smiles.

Rekha says Titu sleeps so much. Mukund reads books about sole custody of the child. Rekha says Bhagwati has come and scolds her. Bhagwati thanks Mukund and giving her new

hope and giving a Chacha to Sundar. Mukund says I love Sundar, I m thankful that you gave me chance to keep this relation and use this lawyer post. She gives him 3000rs. Rekha asks him to take the fees. Mukund takes 100rs and asks for her and Keshav’s blessings, and asks her not to make his relation with Sundar small. She blesses him. He says Sundar won’t go anywhere.

Vaishaili’s boss praises her. She thinks who was it if its not Titu. He says its amazing, so many likes after upload. They see the news of tv artists looking forward to Mehmood. The boss asks her to get that actor and they will launch him. She thinks how to get him.

Mukund praises Bhagwati in the panchayat. Rakesh says I agree that Bhagwati is good mum and good person, but father’s love is needed for a child. Mukund says that’s why Bhagwati married Keshav, Sundar gets father’s love. Rakesh says Keshav hates Sundar. Mukund says its lie, Keshav loves Sundar. Rakesh shows some papers. He says he has done arrangements to send Sundar to hostel, can a father do this. He gets witnesses. Rakesh says Keshav did not focus on Sundar. Mukund says Sundar is small child, he is saying wrong.

Keshav says he wanted to send Sundar to hostel, but he loves Sundar a lot. Rakesh asks how can I believe this, you are playing with his life. They ask sarpanch to say the decision. The sarpanch says they will tell decision after 2 days. They ask Bhagwati to get proof else they will give Sundar to Rakesh. Bhagwati cries and hugs Sundar.

Vaishaili tells Surekha, Titu and Panchi that she has to make that man meet her boss, but that man disappeared. Titu acts and asks what can I do in this. Vaishaili says you can do this, you tell boss that you are the man. She promises she will not trouble him more, tell him you are Mehmood’s fan and doing this. You broke the promise of photoshoot, do this please. Titu says he will go jail. Surekha says he is right. Vaishaili says you will get famous. Panchi says he will get beaten up, no need. Vaishaili says fine, don’t help me, I will catch that man and take him to office. She leaves angrily. Panchi says I m scared, Vaishaili is clever, she will find out, their plan will flop.

Surekha says she is very smart. Titu says he has an idea and tells them. Panchi says awesome, I think this will work. He goes. Pinky comes and says Keshav and Bhagwati came, they are looking worried.

Bhagwati cries and says how will I live without Sundar, they will snatch Sundar. Surekha and Panchi console her. Surekha says Sundar is our happiness and life, how will he let him go, Govind is also there, he won’t let him go, don’t worry. Bhagwati says what will we proof in 2 days, they are using the fact that Keshav is step father. Panchi says they don’t know Keshav changed. She hugs Bhagwati. Sundar comes and asks why is she crying. Surekha says something went in her eyes. Sundar says everyone is in hall, maybe there is some problem, we will take dad, I want both mum and dad. Panchi says yes, they will be with you always. Keshav looks on and cries. Bhagwati sees him. Keshav thinks Sundar will always be with Bhagwati, this is his promise.

Everyone get together for a movie. People praise Golu for arranging cinema for Mathura when Cheeni asked him. Panchi says this is awesome idea, Mathura will see your talent. Titu says Mumbai will see it tomorrow. They all get seated. A man asks Rekha to sit back. Rekha says she is VIP. The people joke on Rekha and laugh. Sundar asks when will dad and mum come. Surekha says they will come. Titu signs Golu. Golu asks them to sit well, the movie is starting now.

They all see Mehmood on the screen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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