Tu Mera Hero 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Golu saying circket scores to Titu. Titu talks to him via Bluetooth. Govind asks Surekha about his Bau ji and goes to see him. Sundar comes from school and sees Titu. Titu sees Sundar and dances with him. Sundar says he looks good. Govind says no, its not Titu, he is your great grandfather, my dad. Rekha comes and Titu asks is this Keshav’s son. Rekha says no, its Bhagwati’s first husband’s son. Bhagwati asks Sundar to take Dada ji’s feet. Sundar gets puzzled. Govind says this is Sundar, he is Sundar from heart as his name and kisses him. He asks him to go and change. He asks Titu to come and have food.

Titu starts eating. Govind smiles and stands by his side. He asks is food good. Rekha says Panchi made it. Surekha says she will bring Bau ji’s special glass.

Rekha says she has washed it well. Titu ends eating and burps. Panchi thinks what to do to bring truth infront of Govjnd and goes. She gets a plate and says its specially for Dada ji. She gets the sweets and Titu smiles.

Surekha signs Titu not to eat. Titu says its Thursday and I don’t eat, I will have some as you got it. he thinks he got saved, else dad would have beaten him. Govind smiles. Surekha asks Panchi to get butter milk for everyone. Titu praises Panchi. Sundar asks Bhagwati how is that uncle, is he Dada ji. Bhagwati says yes, he came for first time. He says he looks like Titu. She asks him to go and be with him, he will feel good. Bhagwati recalls Rekha’s words. Keshav comes and asks why is she worried. Bhagwati asks does he regard Sundar his own. He says yes, but own blood is own.

Govind massages Titu and Titu gets hurt. Panchi smiles. Surekha asks him to leave him. Titu stops Govind and coughs. Titu asks Mukund to get his hookah and scolds him. Rekha asks him to go. Titu asks Govind why is he being so miser and shows the dry grass. Everyone smile. Titu asks him to spend some money on home. He asks will he send Titu to Kashi to get soul for his peace. Govind thinks he wants to promise, but why is he heart stopping. He is about to promise and Sundar comes, asking about the games he used to play.

Panchi asks Govind about his dad’s exercises. They all ask him to show some exercises. Titu says he is in Titu’s body, he will teach them next time when he comes in Mukund’s body and asks Govind to do and show. He calls him lazy and asks him to do. He makes Govind do the exercises. He asks him to send Titu and Panchi to Kashi tomorrow and asks him to promise. Govind says yes Bau ji and gets pain in his back.

Golu tells Titu that he got power from other home and a man informs police. Surekha asks Titu does he want anything. Panchi says she can’t tell anything always, else Surekha will doubt. She says why is Govind not understand its Titu. Surekha asks Titu to get promise soon. Titu talks to Golu and asks him to keep saying cricket scores, they will win. Kamlesh comes there and sees Golu talking to Titu, and he tells about his drama to fool everyone even today, how will anyone doubt that Titu is acting like Dada ji. Kamlesh is shocked.

Titu asks Govind to promise him. Surekha asks him to promise, why is he thinking so much. Golu tells Titu that its last two balls and they want six runs. Titu asks Govind to promise. Kamlesh aims gun at Golu and arrests him. Surekha says Bau ji has to go now, tell him you will send Titu and Panchi to Kashi for one month. Golu says wicket gone and this is last one. Titu asks what is he saying. Govind says I did not say anything. Titu worries as Golu gives wrong updating of cricket that makes Titu speak up that he is Titu. Kamlesh makes Golu say that to Titu. Govind asks Titu what did he say. Kamlesh brings Golu there and Govind asks how did he come here with Golu, and looks at Titu.

Titu and Panchi play snake and ladder and he says she looked a sopy for Govind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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