Tu Mera Hero 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ram crying. He says Titu I did not do anything, the sweets were not faulty. The people believe in Rekha Maa. Mewalal goes to Rekha and Vaishaili, and proposes the deal to make Rekha become his shop’s brand ambassador. He says he will send sweets to her daily. Titu notices the sweet trays and asks Sharmili about it. Sharmili says these are not our trays. Titu says the trays are of Mewalal. Rekha agrees to Mewalal. Mewalal says now he will see who stands against him. Titu says Mewalal played with innocent people’s lives, and now he will not leave them.

He tells the family about his plan. Panchi and he will dance in function, and he will take laddoo to Rekha Maa, and he will put it on Mewalal, Mewalal will deny the blame, we will change the sweets and spike it, we have to make sure the laddoos are away from all people. Surekha says who will stop Rekha. Panchi says her devotees will stop her. They all plan for the function.

Panchi looks for her dresses. Titu comes and gets romantic. Tujhe dekhe to ye jana sanam…………..plays……….They have a romantic moment and get ready for their act. Rekha gets praised by people. Mukund asks Vaishaili why is she supporting Rekha. Vaishaili says she is Rekha Maiyya now. Rekha asks Mewalal to get sweets for her. Vaishaili says Rekha can’t be away from food for a single day.

Govind and Surekha go to change the sweets and see Mewalal going. They hide seeing Mewalal coming there and finish the work soon. Rekha asks them to start function. Titu and Panchi do the act as Krishna and Radha. Rasleela……………..plays………… Everyone smile seeing them and clap. Govind and Surekha spread the news in people that Mewalal has used bad items in the sweets, people will get ill, don’t get the Prasad.

Titu gives the Prasad to Rekha and wishes someone stops them. A man says its bad sweets and Titu tastes it. He says its really bad. The people say they won’t let Rekha eat this. Vaishaili says we shall let Rekha decide this, and they all agree. Titu gets worried.

Vaishaili asks Rekha to taste the sweet and say is this bad. Titu says she has said without eating that its bad. Rekha says no, and tastes the sweet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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