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The Episode starts with Bhagwati bringing Panchi to her room. She taks her garlands and asks her to sit. She gives her the clothes and jewelry asking her to wear it for mu dikhai. Panchi smiles. Bhagwati says you look very beautiful. Panchi thanks and hugs her. Titu’s friends hug him. Govind says hug me too son, and says I did not think I will tell you this in my life, I m proud of you. He hugs Titu and says your mum always praises you, I did not care much, but your mum is right, that your heart is very pure. Titu asks shall I ask you something. Govind says yes, tell me what you want. Titu says say what you told now, we will record. Govind laughs. Surekha says Titu has come by his wish, it does not mean this relation is proved right, you made me marry Panchi against his will. Govind says I m sure

now that you have gone mad.

Keshav is angry as Govind has spent a lot on Titu’s marriage and he worked for him all these years, still he has nothing to give in nek. Bhagwati says I understand and gives him her earrings asking him to give in mu dikhai. He says I can’t take this. Bhagwati says gold is good when it comes to use when needed. Rekha comes and takes it, asking is she mad. Govind asks Surekha to see Panchi by her heart eyes…. He says try to understand her, she is very nice girl and will keep good care of Titu. Surekha disagrees and says Titu is very innocent.

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Govind says Panchi is not less than him in innocence. Golu says Surekha is right, she got gold coin, but we can’t forget that she has helped Titu a lot. Surekha asks what help. Rekha says we don’t need your help and asks Keshav not to take any jewelry from Bhagwati, he won’t get anything in return. Keshav says she is right. Bhagwati asks him to understand. Keshav says he understood and takes the money envelop to give Panchi.

Rekha taunts Bhagwati and says I m eager to see how Panchi troubles Surekha. Golu tells about Panchi helping Titu by making all Mathura people to convince Govind not to send Titu to Agra. Govind asks Titu to go to Panchi, as she is waiting. Govind says Panchi helped Titu and you both tried your own ways, its just not one story, when I was sending Titu to Agra, Panchi lied to me that Titu loves her. He says she lied just to save Panchi, come for the mu dikhai rasam. Surekha still shows her annoyance.

Bhagwati brings Panchi for mu dikhai and Rekha about Titu. Titu comes. Govind asks Surekha to accept Panchi, as no one can do what Panchi did for Titu. Panchi and Titu sit for mu dikhai ritual. The guests ask about Govind and Surekha. Govind tells Surekha to come as guests will be taunting Panchi, she is alone there. Surekha does not agree. Govind gets angry and leaves. Rekha laughs that Surekha did not come and Govind will do mu dikhai rasam. Everyone ask Govind about Surekha. Surekha comes there and says Rekha to turn and see her.

Rekha smiles and says Surekha will do some big issue. Surekha changes her angry look in a smile. She says you did not tell me about giving nek, and shows her mother in law’s kamarbandh. Govind smiles and Rekha gets puzzled. Surekha makes Panchi wear it and does her mu dikhai. Bhagwati and Rekha taunt each other. Panchi greets the elders.

Titu says filmi lines and makes Surekha smile. Everyone do the mu dikhai. Rekha and everyone bless Panchi. Rekha talks just about food. Titu jokes and they all laugh. Sunil gifts Panchi and Surekha tells about Sunil’s nature, who is very strict. Sunil beats Titu for being lazy. Keshav and Bhagwati bless Panchi. Alankraaj Maharaj comes and blesses them. He tells how Titu was born after many Mannats, and she got her son when she went to some temple. Govind tells her Mannat and says she should take Panchi and Titu there.

Maharaj asks Surekha to do puja and everything will be good. Surekha thanks him and says she will do everything for the kids’ happiness. Maharaj says I will do all arrangements. They smile.

Titu tells Panchi that he still has Ruhi in his heart and his heart is small and can’t have her in his heart. She is shocked.

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  6. yes yesterdy’s episode was awesome…..finally titu and panchhi are married

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