Tu Mera Hero 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vaishaili thinking how to find that man. Rekha asks her not to take tension. Sundar asks Bhagwati about the moon. Titu tells Sundar that Lord sends problem later and solution first. He sees Vaishaili and says we should think of solution and explains him. He says he will catch the moon and makes him see the moon in the water glass. They all smile seeing the image of moon. Vaishaili says duplicate. Rekha says if Govind asks for Hema. Titu and Panchi smile. Vaishaili thinks this idea is good and smiles.

She hugs Vaishaili and says what happened in office. She says she needs his help. He says not now. She acts sweet and asks him to help her, if he had any work, she would have not worked, they can’t depend on others, she is doing this for their happiness. She asks him

to click pics in Mehmood’s pics. Mukund asks what, when did you become his fan. She says her job will be under ban. He says I can’t do the drama, I m a laywer. Govind calls Mukund and asks him to fight Keshav’s case against Rakesh. Mukund says me? This case is very imp for us, I m new to this, I want we find some experienced lawyer for getting Sundar.

Govind says I know, you have feelings for Sundar, I m sure no one can fight this case better, other lawyer will fight case for money, you will fight case for Sundar, you will work hard for him, prepare for it. Mukund says he will prepare for case and he will see who separates Sundar from our family. He asks Keshav to come and takes Govind’s blessings. Vaishaili sees Titu, Panchi, Rekha and others having a talk. Titu does mimicry.

Panchi guesses the actor’s name. Titu and Panchi smile and say Vaishaili is seeing them. Vaishaili thinks Titu does good drama and praises Titu. Titu jokes that Vaishaili is praising him, and asks her whats fishy. Vaishaili says nothing, my office boss asked me to make someone famous, you deserve it much. Panchi says whats the matter. Vaishaili says lets forget old things, Titu just have to take pics in Mehmood’s getup, she will print pics in her papers. Panchi says its good idea. Titu says no, Mehmood is the legend, no one can copy him, my career will end if I m caught. Vaishaili says no, trust me. Panchi says Vaishaili wants to make you famous, we will agree, think once. Rekha asks Titu to say yes. Vaishaili says please. Titu agrees.

Vaishaili asks him to do photoshoot. He says he will do it well tomorrow. She says fine, will you come tomorrow? Panchi says don’t worry, I will get him. Govind and Surekha see this and smile, seeing Titu and Panchi succeeding. Govind tells about the problems at home. He says Titu is trying to bring Mumbai here in Mathura, Keshav is fighting case for Sundar, and I m happy that Mukund is fighting case. She says its your values, they will win. He says I wish our three sons pass these troubles.

He asks will Titu show his face to Vaishaili. She asks him to wait till tomorrow. Its morning. Keshav asks Rakesh why did he call them to panchayat. Rakesh says I don’t believe in court, I will get justice here. Keshav scolds him and says we will not do this. Mukund stops Keshav and says we are true and we will win. They talk in the panchayat and keep their matter.

Rakesh complains that Bhagwati did not give Sundar to them and hidden about his existence. The man says Rakesh’s parents were sad, they should get Sundar. Mukund says he said right, grand parents have right to have Sundar, but they have tortured Bhagwati a lot, whats guarantee that they will take care of Sundar well. He says mum can take best care of mum, and its her right to be with her son, which no court can take from her.

The panchayat agrees and says Sundar will stay with his mum and the decision will be taken in next session. Vaishaili asks the cameraman Pappu to take good pics, and waits for Titu. Rekha asks Titu to wake up, as Vaishaili is waiting. Surekha does not Rekha wake him and see his face. Panchi says he will wake up soon. Rekha says Vaishaili has less time. Vaishaili calls Rekha and asks her about Titu.

Rekha says Titu is sleeping. Vaishaili says what. Rekha says don’t worry. Panchi says Titu is sleeping, I will get him soon. Vaishaili thinks who to take on time. Golu comes and asks about shooting. Golu says Titu has come. She sees a man dancing like Mehmood and not showing his face. She thinks Titu is acting so well and asks Pappu to record. Rekha calls Vaishaili and says Titu is not getting up. Vaishaili asks how can this happen and looks at the man dancing.

Vaishaili asks Titu to tell her boss that he is the one. She asks him to get famous. Titu and Panchi refuse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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