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The Episode starts with Mewalal and Ram coming to greet Titu and Govind. Titu apologizes to Mewalal and apologizes as he can’t do the ad. Mewalal says this is wrong, I met Titu first. Ram’s daughter says Titu did not confirm to you, Govind said Titu will do ad for us. Titu says I have an idea to decide whose shop I will support and ad, I will taste sweets, the one I like, I will do ad for it, Panchi will taste the sweets to make this fair. Surekha says this is fine. Panchi is blind folded and tastes the sweets. She likes Ram’s sweets and they get glad.

Titu makes her taste kachoris of both shops. Ram wins again. Lastly, Titu makes Panchi the laddoos and asks her to taste it fast and say the decision. Panchi likes Ram’s shop laddoos. Mewalal gets annoyed. Ram and his daughter get

glad. Titu apologizes to Mewalal as its clear decision now. Maybe Lord wants me to work for Ram, so I did not sign contract. Mewalal says you did not decide this right and leaves.

Ram’s daughter thanks Titu and says now her dad’s shop will prosper. Its morning, Surekha and everyone get shocked seeing Rekha treated as some religious idol. Rekha comes inside the house. Surekha asks whats this. The people say take her name with respect, she is our Devi, she did many miracles. The people bring chadavas for Rekha. Rekha signs Vaishaili. Vaishaili says its time for Rekha Maa to rest, she will meet later. The people say Rekha Maiyya Ki Jai and leave. Everyone smile. Govind comes and asks Rekha whats all this. Rekha says it was written in fate.

Titu asks Rekha to pack up this acting. Rekha says I m not acting, I m lighting love in this world. Keshav says stop this drama now. Rekha says one day everyone has to go. Mukund says we don’t like this and asks Vaishaili whats she going. Vaishaili says I m manager, as Rekha has become spiritual celebrity. Govind says enough Rekha, are you not ashamed. Surekha asks Rekha to see her mum in law’s pic and gets afraid. Panchi asks Rekha not to make people get superstitious. Mukund says this is sin, you will be punished mum. Keshav says stop this now. Bhagwati asks what happened to Rekha.

Surekha says what can I do now and goes. Rekha gets glad and asks Vaishaili to give her laddoo bhog. Vaishaili asks her not to do acting and goes. Rekha gets glad eating the laddoos. Ram and his daughter arrange the shop. She says she will arrange the sweets in a good pattern. Govind and Titu come there and like their new shop. She says they will shoot the ad today and she has kept press conference tomorrow. Titu says perfect. Govind praises her.

Titu does the ad for the sweet shop and everyone clap. Titu does the humor talk and promotes the sweets. They all laugh and Titu describes the sweets. Titu congratulates Ram and gives the sweets to everyone. The people like it a lot. They get to hear about Rekha. Govind says what will happen now.

The people come to greet Rekha at the house. Rekha sits like spiritual lady and gives them a gyaan. Vaishaili becomes her assistant and greets the people. Rekha blesses the people. The people say Rekha is their Lord and tells their problems. Rekha feels they are thinking she is great by all the things she did for her reasons. Mukund looks on. Rekha gets glad to get all attention and respect.

All the people start getting stomach ache. The man says this is fraud, they are giving bad sweets and snacks. They all get angry on Ram. Titu and his family get shocked. Mewalal comes there and says Rekha saved everyone again, she has done Ram’s sweets separated, do you all know why. The people get angry and Ram and Titu try to calm them.

Titu gets the sweet tray and see the tray is of Mewalal.

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