Tu Mera Hero 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vaishali hearing Titu. She goes to Rekha and tells her what Titu said, that he is going to do some work, which no one should know. Rekha says he will not do any work. Vaishaili says she has doubt on him. Rekha says what will he do, he is very lazy, did he kidnap anyone, as its easy thing. Mukund comes and gets hurt by Rekha’s mistake. She says sorry. He says I have to find who is helping Gulgule to win in contest, else I will not win Rajni’s confidence, and we can lose the contract. Vaishaili says you find the cheater and I will find Titu’s work.

Cheeni cries and the warden asks how did she cook without their permission. Golu looks on and says what did she do. Panchi says sorry, I know she did mistake, give her last chance. Panchi tells Golu that Cheeni has made

this for you, its burnt, but it has love in it. Golu says its for me, she broke the rule and got scolding. Panchi says she did so much, you should thank her. Its morning, Govind sits to change his place as Titu can spit water anytime. He moves and looks upwards. He reads paper and sees Titu ready. He gets stunned and asks whats the matter today. Surekha says he is going for good work, learn to be happy, he should do his aim to free Panchi.

Rekha says even my son will succeed in his work. Mukund says I will catch that cheater today. Rekha blesses him and he leaves taking Surekha’s blessings too. Vaishaili comes and tells Rekha that she is going after Titu. Gulgule waits for Titu and says when will Titu come. Mukund and Rajni keep an eye on catch the cheater. Titu dresses as the saint and sees Mukund. Mukund and Vaishaili see Titu. Vaishaili thinks will he earn 15000rs by singing bhajan. Gulgule falls and many people lift him. Titu meets Gulgule and signs him. He says trap is laid here. FB shows Titu talking to Golu. Golu says there is no round in temple. Titu says what and ends call. He says Mukund has made this plan and calls Gulgule. He says his phone is not connecting. He asks Gulgule to leave, as everyone is seeing them. Titu leaves. Rajni asks Mukund is there anyone from that group. Mukund says no. Gulgule leaves. Vasihaili says I can’t believe Titu is passing time even today, she will expose Titu’s secret today. Titu goes to temple and prays that his work is done well. Vaishaili hears him. Titu says Lord knows everything and wishes he gets money on time.

Titu meets Vaishaili and greets her. She acts like she did not see him. He asks her to come home, if she is tired of hiding and following him. Nikhattu………..plays……… She says he is so clever, he knew I m following him. Mukund tells Rajni that they will catch him. They bump into Vaishaili. He sees her and drops Rajni. Rajni says I m fine. Vaishaili gets angry seeing him with Rajni. He thinks if Rajni knows she is my wife, it will be insult, and lies to Rajni that she was her college friend.

Gulgule talks to them and asks them to do anything, and acts innocent. Panchi misses Titu and talks to Cheeni. Titu misses Panchi and talks to Golu. Golu gets shy saying about Cheeni. Titu says he will welcome zero, after 1, he will start earning soon and make Panchi free. He says he will get Panch home and smiles. Panchi says she is waiting for tomorrow and smiles.

Gulgule talks to Titu and argues. Golu says don’t use mind, when Titu is here, he has solution of all problems. Titu gives the jacket.

Update Credit to: Amena

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