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The Episode starts with Titu and Golu trying to convince Tau ji. They fail as Tau ji is very angry. Panchi sees Vaishaili in kitchen with her stick. She asks what is she doing here with her stick, what is she hiding in her hand. Vaishaili gets tensed. Govind asks Tau ji not to leave, children do mistake in childhood, am I thief if I have stolen mangoes from a farm. Tau ji says you have chosen inspector’s daughter for your son, as a thief for my Golu, this is not fair. Titu says listen to me. Tau ji says say, but not about Cheeni. Titu smiles. Vaishaili says nothing and shows the stick, it opens like this. Panchi says fine, show me what you are hiding.

Vaishaili says its my mum’s papers and don’t ask like this. Panchi says let me see. Vaishaili does not give her and goes to burn it. Panchi

takes the paper and sees Titu’s pass for laughter show. She gets stunned and looks at Vaishaili. She says its entry pass for Titu to participate in laughter show. Titu says if anyone wants to change his life, its big achievement in life. Panchi calls Rajni and talks to her. Rajni says she was trying to talk to Titu, she has given stick and pass to Mukund and his wife, Titu is very talented and many fans love his poetry, Ehsaan has given me that stick to give him, its very respectable thing.

She says Titu went to free you and took 15000rs of his hardwork, and said he will come back to take his price, but he did not call me, its less time for the show, bring him to Mumbai. Panchi is shocked and cries. Panchi rushes to Titu. Titu asks everyone to know anyone’s heart, not in neighbor’s house. He says faces can be wrong, its just heart which will be true. Panchi smiles seeing him. Titu convinces everyone by his humor talk and makes them smile. He says what will they do of respect by breaking two lovers. He says age clears eyes, why can’t he see Cheeni’s goodness, she wants forgiveness, she is good, just accept her once. Tau ji smiles and claps for Titu.

Everyone smile and clap for Titu. Panchi cries and says this is his real talent, this is his happiness, which I was finding, he has talent to make everyone smile, thanks Lord. Panchi recalls Titu has always entertained people by his talk and convinced them for tough matters too. Nikhattu……….plays………….. She runs to him and hugs him. Everyone smile. Govind and Surekha does ummhmm… Titu asks Panchi what happened. Rekha says she is hugging infront of everyone. Panchi recalls how she has slapped Titu and did not believe him when he got hard earned money. She says she has to talk to him.

The pandit asks them to bring groom and bride. Titu says we will talk after their marriage. He thinks she recalled our marriage and so she is getting senti. Vaishaili tells everything to Mukund and Rekha and say we all are gone now. Rekha says bad days started. She says everything was done by Vaishaili, I will apologize to Surekha, but Panchi will not leave Vaishaili, we will see did Panchi tell everyone or not. They go out and see Panchi and Titu.

Rekha changes her side and stands with Bhagwati. The pandit asks elder son and bahu to do ghatbandhan. Cheeni stops Keshav and says she wants Titu and Panchi to do ghatbandhan as they united her and Golu. Keshav gets angry. The marriage is done. The elders bless the couple. Panchi tells everyone that she has good news, she has spoken to Rajni, she told that Titu did not do any theft. Gulgule has blamed him, the truth is Gulgule win was Titu’s victory, Titu has written all the poetry. Everyone smile. Panchi apologizes to Titu. She says I have scolded you a lot, but still you did hardwork for me, I m sorry. Panchi asks everyone don’t they believe her, I know its big thing, and she has proof for this. She looks at Vaishaili.

Panchi says Titu has talent to become comedy king, he should go to Mumbai. Govind disagrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh govind pls agree soon… Atlas panchi got to know titu’s real talent!!!

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