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The Episode starts with Govind bringing the aarti plate and kalash. Panchi and everyone are shocked. Govind says you might be thinking why am I doing this when a mum in law does the grahpravesh, but hr hand is hurt, and I welcome you as I m Titu’s dad, make this house a heaven by your good steps. He does his aarti and asks her to hit the kalash and come inside to that the house is always prosperous. Panchi’s grahpravesh is done. He guides her about her seven steps making her relate to seven new relations and she steps inside. Panchi falls on the last step when it comes to the step for her husband. Everyone is shocked and she gets hurt.

Sunil says its bad luck that the bahu fell. The guests taunt her. Panchi starts crying. Titu answers them and defends Panchi. Titu tells about Newton

finding gravity when the apple fell and when people don’t fall to get a catch, how will they win the match. He wins Panchi’s heart once again saying his humorous talk, and makes her smile. They all clap. Panchi thanks Titu. Pinki takes her inside. Govind comes to Surekha and she leaves annoyed. Titu jokes with Panchi and Surekha wonders what magic she did on her son. They sit for the key finding ceremony. Titu talks to Golu. Golu says its great idea and goes.

Rekha asks Titu and Panchi to find the ring, and Surekha says ask them to rest, stop this kiddish things. Rekha says its ritual. Titu jokes on marriage and its long matter. Titu and Panchi try to find the ring. Pinki asks him to get it, else Panchi will win. Sundar gives another ring to Titu and Sunil sees it. Titu gets the ring out and shows everyone. Everyone smile. Sunil scolds Titu for cheating to win. Titu says what cheating, everything is fair in love and war.

Surekha thinks its war, not love. Panchi says its fine, let him win. Rekha says what will we do if they are ok with it. Golu comes there and says wait, there is a big ritual, and brings food plates. He says husband and wife make each other have food and increase their love. Rekha says what is this ritual. Titu says lets do it. Titu and Panchi make each other have food and Surekha is irked seeing her. Govind asks Bhagwati to take Panchi to room and asks everyone to rest, as they have to do Mu dikhai ritual soon.

Everyone leave. Surekha goes to her room annoyed. Rekha says mu dikhai will be of Panchi, but we will see Surekha. She laughs. Govind asks Surekha what is she giving Panchi on her mu dikhai and asks her to give ancestral kamar bandh/waist band. She says she won’t do the ritual and he can do it. He asks why and she takes the keys.

Mukund talks to Vaishaili and smiles. Rekha says have sweets, you will be marrying her and Surekha is crying. Bhagwati hears this and comes to taunt Rekha, reminding the time and making the sweets fall. Surekha comes to Titu and asks him why did he come to marry, when she made him run. She says Panchi did magic on you. Titu says he married in his senses and tells her how he caught an auto and it broke down, then he got lift in a cart. He says I was going and suddenly stopped to have some sweets.

He sees a bride crying and her mum pacifying her. He asks the lady what happened. The lady says she thinks you are her husband, her fate got bad as the groom did not reach in mandap to marry her, my daughter was waiting to accept him and he cheated her, and this is her state now, as she is still finding her groom. The bride says happy marriage to Titu. He says she is like my sister and she will get a good groom and gives hope to her mother.

Titu recalls Panchi waiting for her and comes to mandap. He asks Surekha did he do wrong, she taught him to always respect girls, how can he do wrong with Panchi, her values and dad’s respect was at stake. Surekha feels proud and hugs him. Govind hears this and looks at them.

Rekha asks Govind did Surekha not come. Surekha comes to do the mu dikhai rasam and looks at Panchi angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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