Tu Mera Hero 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind taking Titu’s test asking him about his dad’s one thing that he forgot to use, which his dad always use to have. Titu goes. Surekha asks whats that thing. Govind asks her to wait. Panchi prays. Titu goes and gets the walking stick. He walks in his Dada ji’s way and asks Govind is this one. Govind is shocked. Manorama says they acted so much and even then Chetan did not get food deparment. Arvind says he got education department.

She says she will not lose, nothing has got final till now, it can change anyhow. He asks what is she thinking to do now. She says nothing, Rachna will do now. Govind says dad use to rotate stick like this and falls in Titu’s feet. He cries and says sorry, I could not identify you. He asks him to sit. Panchi thinks Govind caught

in Titu’s plan, I was sure he will catch Titu, if Titu’s shop does not open now then.

Govind asks everyone to take his dad’s blessings. Everyone greet Titu. Surekha says she got glad that he has come. Rekha asks how did he come after so many years, that too in lazy Titu’s body. Surekha looks angrily. Rekha says he could have come in Mukund or Keshav’s body. Titu says Titu’s body is most pure, his heart is soft, clean and I could not see him, but I have eye on everyone from heaven, I know what people do in this house.

Govind asks why did he come. Titu says because of you, my soul is wandering, as you did not do my Barsi well. Govind says he does every year with devotion, and donates many things. Titu scolds him, and asks him to go out of Mathura, did he do anything by going on yatra, tell me, if you don’t want to, I will wander for more years.

Govind asks why is he saying so, give me command and I will do. Titu tells the yatra for one month. Govind says fine, if your soul will get peace, I will go tomorrow and take Surekha. Titu says not you, Titu and his wife will go, only pure heart can make me go heaven. He says Titu is pure heart and his wife will go along. Govind says but Titu… Titu says he will go Kashi tomorrow. Surekha smiles and thinks in FB how they made plan.

Titu asks Govind to promise him. Vaishaili thinks now Titu’s shop will not open. Govind thinks. Titu asks will he get peace for him. Surekha asks Govind to agree, how will Bau ji get peace. Panchi worries and stops Govind. She signs him, and says Dada ji came after long time, if you promise him, he will go without having food. Titu says she is very smart. Rekha says yes, Bau ji will be hungry being in lazy Titu’s body, we will cook his fav food. Govind asks Panchi to arrange food and sits massaging Titu’s leg.

Surekha asks Panchi why did she do this, Govind was promising, why did she stop him. Panchi says no, I did not divert him, I thought about Titu, that he did not eat anything since 4 hours, so I told this. Surekha says she is very nice, she worries like her for Titu, and blesses her. Manorama asks Rachna to think that Chetan will not have any progress in education department. Rachna says but he wants that. Manorama asks her to think about his good, and she can do anything.

She says how she made Arvind work hard and earn well, you also ask him to earn well and I will think the rest, talk to Chetan. Rekha asks Lord is there any rule or not, how can he send anyone like this. She prays that Bau ji goes again. Vaishaili says he is Titu, not Bau ji. Rekha says stop it, how does Titu know about the ring. Mukund asks how can Dada ji come from heaven. Rekha asks them to use mind. She apologizes to Lord and Bau ji.

Govind asks Panchi whats going on. She says Surekha said…. Govind says she does not know, Bau ji’s plate is this one. He says Bau ji like discipline and he wants everything good. He says you want to make Titu work soon, but he can work after coming from Kashi, if I don’t do this for my dad, then its bad, he is my ideal and I will always obey him get food. Panchi thinks she can’t tell him because of promise, I have to bring out truth without saying.

Titu talks to Golu. Sundar comes and says Titu. Govind says Titu and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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