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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi coming to have sweets. They sit at the jalebi stall and see the men cooking it. She asks the Kaka why is he in hurry. The man says my daughter is coming today, I have to go to take her. Panchi says he is multi tasker, and you get tired after coming from shoot. Titu says fine, see my talent now. He asks Kaka to give him space and joins him to make the jalebis. Panchi smiles. Titu serves the jalebis to everyone. Kaka thanks and hugs Titu. A man looks on.

Govind is at home. He looks for his watch and calls Surekha. Keshav comes and tells them that Sharma is not of profit to them, our business is running well, Sharma’s business is not well. Govind asks Keshav to think as a human, Sharma helped us when we needed him, now he needs us, we have to keep

our promise. Keshav says fine, I will manage. Surekha smiles and teases Govind. She makes him wear the watch and says he has much humanity in him, she is lucky to have him as her husband, and says I love you. He says me too and hugs her.

Titu and Panchi have a talk that Titu got a 10 day off. Titu says I came here for a meeting, we will then go home. She asks why did he get her here and jokes. They laugh. The same man comes to meet them and says he is Mewalal. He says he has heard Titu’s name a lot, he wants to start sweets business in Mathura and wants Titu to be brand ambassador. Titu likes the idea. The man says I will get contract today evening. Titu asks for some time. The man says him to think till evening, he believes Titu will not refuse.

Rekha and Vaishali come to temple and argue. Rekha does not get the auto and says Surekha has sent me here to temple. Other people take the rickshaw. Rekha gets angry on the auto driver. Panchi says Mewalal’s offer was good, still you took time to think, I also wanted this. She says she has given chunri to tailor and he will just come. Titu sees few things and says its beautiful. A girl looks at him and smiles. She says you are Titu, I want something. Titu says I m married. Panchi comes. Titu leaves with her.

Rekha is tired after coming to temple. The couple thanks her for saving them, and another lady says the same, that Rekha saved her life. Everyone start thanking Rekha. Rekha gets glad. Vaishaili asks Rekha to do darshan, this drama is enough now. Panchi laughs. Titu asks why are you laughing, that girl got after me. Panchi says maybe that girl is your big fan. Titu turns and see the girl following him. Panchi says she really got after you, and teases him. She laughs.

Rekha does the puja and sees the laddos. She goes to take laddoo and the pandit slips. The garlands falls on Rekha instead idol. The people start saying Jai Rekha, and feel she has Devi powers as she has saved them. Rekha gets glad and blesses them. Vaishaili gets puzzled.

Govind and Surekha talk to the girl. Panchi and Titu come home and ask what is she doing here. Govind says she loves you, she came to take you, so I said yes. Panchi asks what. Govind says she has kept such proposal. Panchi says you did not think about me. Govind says you are star’s wife now. Titu asks how can I do this. Govind says you will get name, fame and money. Titu asks are you selling me. Govind says how dare you think so, I m giving you on rent.

Govind asks Titu to do ad for the jalebi man’s shop. Titu and Panchi laugh. Govind says she is Ram’s daughter, she wants you do ad for his shop. The girl says dad said you came to shop and crowd came there. Titu says he met Mewalal today, he also wants me to promote his shop. Govind asks him to do ad for Ram’s shop and reminds the childhood. Titu agrees and thinks.

Mewalal and Ram’s daughter argue for Titu. Titu says he has an idea to decide whose shop will he do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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