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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi greeting guests. The guest say congrats to Surekha for finding such a beautiful bride. Rekha pacifies Surekha asking her to accept Panchi as Lord made her for Titu. Surekha says no, Govind made them a couple, see Titu is not happy. Rekha says have food, come with me. Surekha refuses and sends her. Panchi and Titu talk and smile. She likes his humor and laughs. They all pose for pics. Manorama is concerned about the gifts and asks Arvind about Govind spending so much.

Sunil asks Titu to stand straight. Titu says I m tired, I want to sit. He meets many people and gets tired of pics. He sits saying all are gone and Panchi smiles. Mukund says you and Panchi have to go for photo session. They sit in the boat and pose for pics. Panchi looks at the moon and

thanks for making her dream true. Titu comes to know and they give a Titanic pose. His phone falls near her and he has to wait for Golu to pick his phone. Panchi falls and they pose. The photographer takes the pics and everyone clap seeing them. DDLJ music plays……………

Titu and Panchi smile. The bidaai time comes and Kamlesh blesses both his daughters. Surekha says don’t know how did this marriage happen, how did Titu come here. Govind says now the marriage is done, go home and prepare for grah pravesh. She thinks she won’t do the grahpravesh. Kamlesh asks them to do some rituals. Everyone laugh.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Pratibha gets emotional. Chetan tells her that he will take care of Rachna well. Kamlesh talks to Titu and asks him to forgive Panchi if she does any mistake. Titu says humans do mistake, and Lord forgives. Pratibha and Kamlesh hug their daughters and cry. Kamlesh asks Chetan and Titu not to make his daughters cry.

Titu jokes and says he is not onion to make her cry and they all smile. The bidaai is done. Panchi hugs her family. Babul ki bitya……….plays……… Titu makes Panchi smile. Panchi thanks him and sits in the palanquin. Titu is tired. They come home and wait for Grah Pravesh. Titu sits and Panchi laughs. Titu says he is very hungry and asks Golu to get food.

Govind says there is nothing done, I told Surekha to do arrangements for Surekha. He sees her in room acting like she has fever. She shows her hand hurt and says she can’t do arrangements now. He says he knows all her dramas and he will make Rekha do it. Surekha says Rekha does not lift any plate expect the food plate, she can’t do it. Panchi hears the guests talking about no one coming to do grahpravesh. Surekha says even Bhagwati can’t do the ritual. Govind thinks no one can do the grahpravesh then it can hurt Panchi, he has to do something.

Everyone see him going to inhouse temple. Golu gives banana to Titu. Titu offers it to Panchi and she asks him to have it. Govind does all the arrangements. He asks Mukund to help him and does Panchi’s grahpravesh much to everyone’s shock. He comes to her with aarti plate and kalash.

Panchi’s grahpravesh is shown. She steps inside and falls. Titu and everyone are shocked. They all call it bad sign.

Update Credit to: Amena

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