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The Episode starts with courier coming. Panchi says she has ordered a magazine for Titu. Surekha says anything can happen these days and tells Rekha that when Govind was going Mumbai, he was like moon and he now looks like an eclipse. They all laugh. Govind says what if I m dark, I win hearts. Rekha jokes that he is mad in Surekha’s love. They all smile. Bhagwati looks at Keshav. He signs her to be fine. Panchi says its for Sunil Jain, I think courier got swapped, I will call and tell them.

She calls the courier service and informs them. She says they said they will change it. Panchi says I think its something imp, I will keep this safe. Govind says we should rest now. Titu says he wants an idea. Rekha says she don’t have any idea. Pinky suggests an idea of spreading news that Tajmahal

shifted to Mathura. Surekha says about pau snacks. Rekha asks Surekha not to lie about snacks. Panchi gets tea for them.

Panchi makes love for Titu in scrabble game. He signs her that he loves her double. Rekha sees it and says they made Mehmood too. Titu says no, its Mehboob, that’s my Panchi. Panchi smiles. Rekha goes to see parcel. They all see her and laugh. Surekha says you go to temple and do jaap. Rekha says no, I will keep the parcel.

Keshav and Bhagwati have tea. He says I felt Govind as my enemy, but he is like Lord, he regarded me a son and forgiven me for such big mistake. She says he is also a father, like you, he knows to forgive children. He apologizes to Bhagwati, he married her but could not do duty of a good husband and father.

He says we can be careful from now, he will become a good husband and good father, and promises her that none can take Sundar from them. She says if they file case. He says we will fight the case, he is my son. She asks how will we fight case, we are simple people. Mukund comes and says he is taking car to take Rekha and Vaishaili to temple, Govind is sleeping. He leaves. Keshav gets thinking.

Surekha gets tired and comes to the room. She talks to Govind. He says let me sleep. She says she is not getting his snoring talk. He says if Titu does not do what he said, he will also be unsuccessful like me. She says a person does not lose till the person does not accept he has lost… Panchi trusts Titu and Titu turned strong, Titu will bring Mumbai to Mathura by his talent. He says even my trust is getting strong, but one thing is less, he could not meet Hema ji. She asks what. He laughs and says you are my Hema Malini.

Panchi says courier guy did not come till now. She sees Titu tensed and hugs him. She pacifies him and asks him to trust himself, they will find some idea. He says even I thought I will do something, She takes him to temple and they pray. She says Lord united us and always helped me. She prays and Titu also prays to get some way. A man comes there. Titu rings the bell. The man calls out Panchi Agarwal. Titu and Panchi turn to see him.

The man says he has come to take the courier, he is Sunil Jain, he came from Mumbai to take the parcel. He gives their parcel. Everyone come and look on. Panchi asks did he come from Mumbai? Sunil says yes, my parcel is precious, my Maasi has sent me the parcel. Panchi says thanks, I will get your parcel. She brings it and gives him. Titu asks him to say whats special in it. Sunil says you can see if you want. He opens the parcel and shows his pic with Mehmood sahib, and its autograph. Govind thinks he is big fan, he got worried for a photo.

Sunil says Mehmood is big comedian, I had just one pic with him, I could walk to Mathura for him. Titu recalls making Mehmood word in scrabble and thinks this is Lord’s sign. He says he got the idea and dances. Sunil asks what did he get, I won’t give this pic to you at any price.

Titu hugs Sunil and says you gave me the idea, tell me did Lord land you here. Govind says my son is in shock. Titu laughs and says Mehmood ji, he made many lives and now he will help me too. I got the way, the picture just started, Mumbai has to come to Mathura. They all smile. Its night, Govind talks to Panchi, Titu and Surekha. He says Mehmood ji’s name can hurt his loved one, he was a big artist, he won hearts and made people laugh. Titu says I m his big fan too, I respect him. our plan will make our generation know this, so this is tribute to him.

Panchi says its good plan, how will you do this? Titu says Lord will manage. Rekha cries and they all go out to see her. Mukund asks Rekha to do less drama. Rekha asks is this drama, and argues with Vaishaili. Vaishaili says she got newspaper manager’s associate job an tells Govind about it. Titu gets an idea and smiles.

Panchi and Surekha say they have done many things till now. Govind asks will Vaishaili give her office keys to them if they ask….?

Update Credit to: Amena

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