Tu Mera Hero 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind being annoyed with Surekha while she tries to convince him. Titu comes home sad. Panchi says there is bad news, Ram uncle agreed to give shop to Titu, Govind’s prayers are answered. She says what happened at temple. Govind laughs. Panchi says Ram uncle said Govind can’t cheat if his son’s thinking is like this. She gives the shop papers and keys. Titu says his goodness made him fall in problem. Govind dances with Titu and says he will work and make my name now. Panchi laughs. Govind says even Lord wants to see Titu working, now Surekha’s fight is with Lord, not me.

Surekha says stop it, and asks Rekha to help Bhagwati in kitchen. Rekha says Bhagwati did everything. Surekha takes Titu. Govind and Panchi have Prasad and say their plan will take its flight

now. He says Surekha thinks you are on her side and they do high five. Vaishaili sees this and tells Mukund. Mukund says he will use this against Panchi. Surekha asks her mum in law to help her, as Govind is troubling her a lo9tl She says but he won’t help her, as she also used to love her son a lot. Titu says dad will be scared of his dad, and they get an idea. Panchi looks on and asks what happened.

Surekha says they got an idea to save Titu, promise me it will be in between us. Panchi thinks to promise else they will doubt. She says promise. They tell their plan. Panchi ties the Dhoti to Totu and he says its tickling. She laughs and asks him to close his eyes. Its done and she asks him to wear other things. Titu says dad will reject me today. Titu looks at Dada ji’s dress. Panchi thinks she can’t tell Govind as she promised Surekha, I hope he understands on his own.

Titu acts like Dada ji and appears infront of everyone. Rekha says Titu, whats is this state. Surekha asks whats this joke and acts with him. Titu asks what is she seeing, and asks her to touch his feet and take blessings. Surekha says its his Dada ji’s barsi, don’t joke on him. Titu says how are you Surekha bahu, call Golu, its much time seen him. Surekha says its limit for joke.

Govind comes and asks for food. Titu says Golu… Govind stops and says Bau ji. He sees Titu and is puzzled. Titu pats on his cheek and says you are still same and scolds Govind. Govind raises hand and Titu says stop it, will you raise hand on your dad. Govind asks Titu to be ashamed to joke on his dad. Titu says you made fun of me. Govind says I understand you are acting so that you can’t sit in shop. I m your father and know you. Titu asks him did he forget manners. Govind asks him to go, else he will beat him. Titu gets scared and asks how will you send my soul from Titu’s body. Mukund asks Keshav to see Titu’s talent. Surekha asks Titu what is he doing. Titu signs her to stop. Rekha shows Bau ji’s hookah and his clothes.

Rekha asks what does Titu want to say. Titu says she did not use to come infront of him, and now asking him, Govind says he will beat him now. Titu says he got old, so forgot everything. Titu says some old things about Govind. Rekha says Titu heard this from Surekha since childhood. Titu gets angry and sits on the chair. Titu asks Rekha did she keep the ring she took from him at his death time. She says Bau ji forgive me, I will return it. Surekha says yes Bau ji, forgive her. Govind thinks.

Govind asks Titu whats big thing to know about Bau ji. Panchi smiles and Titu worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Panchhi has no respite and her lazy bum of a husband and his idiot of a mother are not ready to change. Even uneducated and stupid moms want their sons to study, do well and be successful. But Govind Agarwal should take stringent measures and not let his gadha friends be around him. Panchi should threaten and leave him for good. Since he loves her and got used to her, he will do things to make her happy and bring her back.

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