Raglak ff- Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode 1)

Kasoor unka nahi jo dhokha diya unhone,
Aadat to hume hi hai dhokhe khane ki,
Tutega dil ek din, jante the hum,
Fir bhi bhul ki unko chahne ki..

Ragini was unable to decide what was happening. Her day had already been ruined when she realised that Lakshya had decided to play Devdas for his ‘Paro’ Swara leaving her as Chandramukhi. He was completely ignoring her and she couldn’t do anything about it. And if that wasn’t enough, Swara had just entered MM as Sanskaar’s wife and her Jethani. Perfect! Her plan was starting to turn into a khichdi faster than she could comprehend what was going on. She had been so happy to see Swara alive and her guilt had been lessened. She had felt so much love for her sister then. Alas, not even 24 hours after that, her love vanished when she saw her elder sister wearing a garland, sindoor and mangalsutra and holding hands with her best friend turned enemy Sanskaar. Her dreams, her mission………..everything was turning into dust. She wanted to bang her head against the wall. No, not her own! Somebody else’s. She sighed. She would have to think something fast if she wanted to save herself. She had a first hans experience of how smart Swara and Sanskaar could be. She would have to do something……….


Lakshya was confused. Swara and Sanskaar? Swara ran off with…….Sanskaar? His brother? When? How? Why? A million questions were revolving in his mind as he came down for his muh dikhayi. He wasn’t as angryangry as he was hurt. And confused. He had drunk a lot last night. Ragini had been so disappointed and he had no option but to ignore her for he couldn’t find the guts to face her after his treatment of her on their wedding night. He would say sorry later. And about Swara………well, he wouldn’t think about her. He would show her that she doesn’t matter. He would move on.


Swara was tired. She had agreed to have a contract marriage with Sanskaar for a period of 6 months in the meanwhile of which, they would expose Ragini. Ragini. Her sister. Her better half. Her soul. She couldn’t believe that she was the same Ragini who had once defended her in front of 4 boys when they were 12 year olds. Or when Swara had dropped her lunch box and Ragini had given her entire tiffin to her so that she doesn’t remain hungry. Swara smiled wistfully. Somewhere along those years, something had gone horribly wrong. They were living a nightmare. But she would always remain her little sister. Her Rago. She would make sure that her marriage to Lakshya won’t break. She would fulfil all her responsibilities as an elder sister. As Swaragini’s Swara.


Sanskaar was having a tough time. Swara’s reception at MM had been nothing short if a disaster. She had been rebuked by his mother and disowned by her father and Dadi. But it was all temporary. He would make sure she gets justice. At least he would feel less guilty. Speaking of guilt, Ragini’s face at the time of Swara’s muh dikhayi had been epic. She had gaped like a fish and then made a face which would have been perfect of she had been pushed into a pit of cowdung in her most expensive dress. God! Ragini was Ragini still in many ways. Her facial expressions, her eyes, her essence……..all was still the same. She wasn’t. She had turned into something else. Something he didn’t like. And he would make sure that his old Ragini comes back. Till then he was stuck playing happy families with Swara.

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey bela owsm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yashaswi…..thanks dear. Did you read the intro? You would understand the base of the story then…….keep reading!

  2. V nice dr

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  3. I m loving it. You are potraying each nd vry emotions so correctly.

    1. And dear l m not author of laal ishq and sorry. It’s sara. I m author of ragsan ff- reality. Hope that you read and like that too.??

      1. Oh u were talking about that os . Yes l wrote that os.?? I thought u were talking about ff laal ishq. I got confused. ??

    2. Thanks for the compliment Amna…..keep reading!

  4. yaa nice plzz keep ragini character positive

    1. Hmm……..nikky, I have thought if something. Let’s see. Thank you and keep reading!

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    wow!! love the way u portraying every character.

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    Awsm portraying

    1. Megha……thank you so much for your compliment. It means a lot coming from you as I am a great fan of how you write and sketch characters brilliantly. Keep reading ! πŸ˜€

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  8. Loved this update. The way you write everyone’s POV is really good. And just to clarify Ragini isn’t completely negative right? Can’t wait to read more xx

    1. Thank you Fats for your compliment. About Ragini………well, we will see πŸ˜€
      Keep reading πŸ˜€

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