Tu Jo mila to (ragsan)epi 1


I m back thankyou each n every1 4 their love and support and I wish 4 same in futer too
So let’s get started with the first chapter the story hails from the day when our hero n heroine met and here it goes

“Today life gave you another slap
but don’t give it up
throwing your towel in the ring
for things gone wrong, for words that sting
‘cos there must be another way
you will see it in the light of another day
When everything seems sour, not in your favour
look around until you find better flavour
so, don’t just give but live it up
pick up the pieces, be tough
grind your teeth and turn another cheek
don’t give it up, that’s exactly what they seek
It’s too easy to walk away
quitter never wins so you should better stay
look challenges straight in the eye
don’t say yet the last good-bye
fight like an animal in a trap

but don’t give it up ” a girl closes her diary after finishing the recitation and lifts her head and looks at the moon her smiling face is shown her beautiful black eyes are reflecting the calm moon she has a spark in her eyes a small some on her lips is like a cherry on the icings of cake her black waist length hair can make any1 loose heart
” u no why I always recite this poem b4 going to bed ” saying so she turns her head “OK OK I know that you know every thing but then also I’ll tell u it was the poem which Mary ma’am taught me in 5th class and from that day I recite it every day b4 going to bed it provides me strength and positivity to live my life to fullest”
She bite her lower lip and places her hand on her head and then pouts ” I m blaberimg very much na kanah Ji OK then I m going to sleep u also good night sleep” ” sleep ragini sleep u have a lot to do tomorrow ” and she goes to bed and closing her eyes she falls asleep

A man is sitting on couch crossing his legs is looking in the file his eyes are boiling red in anger he gets up and throws the file on the face of man standing in front ” is this what you call a market research project bull shit should I send you to school to learn this or myself teach u ” the man tries to speak up but he stops him showing his palm ” don’t u dare interfere when I m speaking out ” he gives a stern look ” out I said right now out of the office u r fired ” and leaves the office banging the door as he moves out a man joins him
” give him the termination letter ”
” yes sir ”
” my PA”
“Sir she will join 2morrow ”

” good mail me all updates and meetings fast ” saying so he sits in car and leaves cthe man stsndin there gives a sigh of relief and rolls his eyes and goes back to building
A large mansion is shown a car enters there and and the same man steps out the car he is looking at his I phone and walks into the mansion and passes by a man of 50s (ayub khan )
” you should at least wish your father when u meet him ”
“Only if he is wort of wishing ”
“Sanskar ”
” don’t shout Mr maheshwari I too can do that ”
” its useless speaking 2 you ”
” I m also not having time to waste on you ” saying so sanky moves up stairs he enters his room and bang the door he throws his phone on bed he removes his coat and throws it aside then removes his tie And unbuttoned his shirt

He pulls his hair frustratedand lift a decorative piece to break just then a lady enters the room. ” plz no its my favorite one ” he keeps it back and gives a questioning look to her ” I was just cleaning it ” he says with a puppy face and she raises her eyebrows giving him a questioning look ” OK sorry badi ma ” “go n get fresh she said giving him his tracks

Sanky comes out wearing his tracks n by the time AP cleans the room ” u no sanky I was thinking to keep iron shopeice in your room every time you father and son fight you come in your room frustrated and break them ”
” badi ma your sense of humor is really bad 1″ and goes to have food down
Sanky is standing leaning on the wall and looking up in sky
” I miss u ” ” why do you go away from me why ” he said in cracking voice ap places her hand on his shoulder and he looks at her with his moist eyes

Its morning sanky is proceeding downwards the stairs and AP is standing there wit her aarti thaal he bends and touches her feet ” good morning badi ma” and she Care’s his hair affectionately ” shall we preety lady ” she smiles and moves out wit him and they leaves in car . they reaches temple he parks his car and leaves her inside ” bm ( badi ma ) driver will reach after 20 mins ” ” when driver comes to pick me up why do you daily come to drop me and you even do not pray in temple ” ” do I need reasons to show my affection 4 u ” no but I thought there might be some girl n all ”
” I shufd leave ma ”
Saying so he leaves ” no there is no girl in my life nor any 1 can come ”
He reaches his car and starts to leave but 4 the same he hits a scootey which falls and the 1 of the light breaks but he does not pay heed and move ahead but stops becoz a girl is standing in front ” are you blind ” he shouts peeping out of the window ” this shud have been my line ” said she pointing towards the scootey ” don’t you even have basic manners ” by the time a few ppl gathers and questions the girl about the happening and she narrates it all sanky takes a some money and paces them in front of her
Episodes ends with their intense eye lock

OK I finished writing the first episode and tankyou all for your support and plz do comment
Take care

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