Tu ishq mera-(part-8) ( Swalak & Ragsan)


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Swara & laksh happy moments. Ragsan thinking about each other.


Swara’s college

Rey is waiting for swara. His friends will come to meet him.

Tej: Hi bro hw r u?
Rey: Did swara came to college?
Tej: No not again rey. U have asked me this questn 10times. Y r u waiting for her?
Rey: U know na tej she is my life. I can’t stay away from her. I have to see her daily every time every second.
Tej: I am surprised. U have changed a lot becoz of her. She is something.
Rey: Ya u r right. She is some thing very special. Just then from swara will come back of him & closes his eyes.
Swara: Guess who?
Rey: Hmm. i guess my fan sophie..
Swara gets angry & she comes forward & says
Swara: Sophie who is she?
Rey: Its my personal. Nothing for u.
Swara: That means she is a lot to u. Ok then i will leave.
Rey: Jaan pls dnt say that. He holds her hands & takes her aside of wall. He pins her tight to wall & says dnt ever think to leave me ok. He says this by having tears in his eyes.
Swara: Rey pls calm down. I was just joking. See i am with u & i will be with u for sure.
He hugs her tight & kisses her deeply. After few minutes he brokes his kiss & says i love u swara. She too says i love u rey &hugs each other.
Then tej will come to see them & will see them & holds his head.
Tej: Fir se shru hogaya ye dono. Guys please yar this is college. Atleast here dnt start ur romance yar.
Rey: Me & my jaan will always be together yar. U dnt have shame seeing romance between couple.
Tej: Rey pls swara atleast u say yar. Princi is waiting for u both. Do u forgot that?
Swara: Oh ya rey tej is right. Princi is waiting for us. Lets go.
Rey: No yar swara lets be like this only. It nice.
Swara: Rey i will be with u only. Come now lets go.
Rrey: Ok fine. They leaves from there.
In princi’s room.
Princi: Helo guys.
Swara: Helo sir.
Princi: So guys u people are college union presidents so u people have to take responsibility of this tour. This your schedule trip is for four days.
Rey: Sure sir we will manage.
Princi: Good & also i heard that u both are engaged. Congracts.
Rey & swara together says thanks to him & leaves.

Guys this is short but today only i will update another ff about laksh & ragsan so please concern bye.

Credit to: Madhu

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