Tu ishq mera-(part-7) ( Swalak & Ragsan)

Hey guys. I am madhu back again. Thanku for not forgetting me guys. Love u all & also thanks for your comments. So now lets start.


Swara & laksh engaged separately. Ragini donates blood to sanskaar.


Scene 1

Swara will be seen getting ready for her college. Her mother calls her for breakfast.

Shikha: Swara come fast na. Have breakfast.
Swara: No mom i was already late. I have to leave now.
Shikha: But swara breakfast….
Swara: Mom i will take in college ok bye love u.
Rajeev: One minute swara.
Swara: Ha papa.
Rajeev: Will u give sometime to ur father. I need to talk to u one important matter.
Swara: Papa y r u talking so emotionally is anything serious?
Rajeev: Ha beta.
Swara: What happened papa?
Rajeev: Beta u know we love u so much. Uu r only daughter. After ur engagement done we r not at all feeling good. We both are getting some unauspisious dreams from last night. We both are worried about u.
Swara: Papa pls dnt talk like that. I will not go any where by leaving u. I will be same city. Pls dnt get worried.
Rajeev: Ok beta u pls take care ok.
Swara: Ha pops i forgot to say one thing. Tomorrow i am going to banglore due to college excursion.
Rajeev: U r telling now. No i will not agree for that. Pandit already said that after engagement u should not leave city its not good for u.
Swara: Pops pls dnt think like that. U r my modern dad. R u beleving these stupid superstitions?
Shikha: Swara….
Swara: Ok i am sry but pls this is my last tour.
Rajeev: Swara what r u saying? What do u mean by last?
Swara: I mean papa before marraige. By the way rey also coming with me. So dnt worry. Now i am getting late. I have to leave bye love u both.
She goes by hugging them both. But they both will feel restless about their dreams.

Scene 2

Here laksh will come to college. His friends will come to him & congratulate him. Later they will go to class. After classes they all will gather in canteen. During classes all his thought to tease him & they will makke a plan.
His friends are rajesh, yuvraj & rohit.
Rajesh : Lucky yar we are very happy that u r finally engaged.
Yuvraj: Ha lucky. But we are ur friends so we can’t let anything bad happen to u.
Laksh: What do u mean by bad?
Rohit: Ha lucky. We r there for u.
Laksh: Guys whats happening yar.
Rajesh: Lucky we are feeling so strange & difficult to share this matter with u.
Yuvi: No yar rajesh dnt say.
Laksh: Shut up yuvi. Rajesh tell me baat kya hai.
Rohit: Lucky matter is that yesterday we…
Laksh: Ya u …..
Yuvi: No rohit dnt…
Laksh: Yuvi just stop it yar. Let him say.
Rajesh: Yesterday we all saw diya in beach with some one.
Laksh: No its not true. I will not beleive u.
Yuvi: Lucky we know that u dnt trust us but yar lucky y we will say lie to u.
Laksh: But … ( he thinks) ok with whom do u know him?
All three: Ha very well.
Laksh: Who is he?
All three : Ofcourse u lucky. Or who else will be?
They all laughs for sudden. Laksh understands that they are teasing him & gets angry on them.
Laksh: I know u people are shaitans. I will not leave u all.
They all will enjoy by running & teasing each other.

Scene 3

Here ragini after giving blood she comes to dev.
Ragini: Dev i hope now he will be fine.
Dev: Di what ithe need to give ur blood to him? Even anyone can give it na.
Ragini: Dev hw can u say it? Today he was in hospital because of me dnt forget that. Now come we have to see him how he is.
Dev: Di have u gone mad? How u will see him? If he recognised u then there will be huge problem. No i will go & watch him u go to home.
Ragini: But dev….
Dev: No di pls dnt argue now. Just leave niw atleast for me.
She leaves from there. She want to see him but situations doesn’t allow her. She thinks in mind ” i am sry for what had happened to u. I want to meet u & apologise but god is not even giving me a chance to see u. I will pray god that u should be fine.” She goes from their.

Here in room sanskaar will get consicious. Doctor will check him & calls dev & informs him about him.
Dev will go to meet him.
Dev: Hi my name is dev. How r u feeling now?
Sans: Ya i am fine. But who r u?
Dev: After ur accident i only saw u & admitted u in hospital.
Sans: Oh i am sry & thanku for helping me.
Dev: Its k by the way hw did u met this accident? ( he asked this intentionally).
Sans: I dnt remember clearly. I am going in my car suddenly a dupatta came across my car glass & at a sudden i hit a tree. All happened within seconds.
Dev: Oh k i think u have to take rest. Please take care. I will be outside.
He comes out & thinks ” thank god he did’nt see di. Otherwise it will be a problem. Thanku so much.” Here sans will think about his blood donar. He listens to doc & nurse convo that because of one girl he is here alive. He wants to meet her & thinks about her.

Screen ends on happy faces of swalak & thinking faces of ragsan.



Credit to: Madhu


  1. Sonya

    Superb update dear
    Even it was after a long time
    So sanskaar didn’t see ragini
    Looking forward ragsan meeting
    Also wt will happen with swalak

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