Tu ishq mera-(part-6) ( Swalak & Ragsan)


Hey guys i am back with another ff. How r u yar? I hope u guys are not getting bored with my ff. If anyone feels bored just inform me i will end it soon. First of all thanks for all your comments. Thanks for silent readers also. Nusz u r bestie yar. Love u all. Now lets start our story.


Swalak & ragsan meet.

Today’s episode.

Scene 1

Swara & rey will return home after their shopping. Their parents are already waiting for them.
Rajeev: Swara beta have u completed all your shopping?
Swara: Ha pops. Everything is done.
Rajeev: Now come & sit here i have to talk to u one thing.
Swara: Ha papa tell na.
Rajeev: Swara my best friend & also my business partner’s son engagement is also fixed. That too tomorrow itself.
Swara: But pops, who is he? Do i know him?

Rajeev: No beta. U dnt know him. Matter is from childhood he is in london fewdays back only he came back to india.
Swara: Ok papa. I will meet him. But tomorrow is my engagement na then how can we go their?
Rajeev: Ha beta thats what i am saying u. Tomorrow you both people engagement will done at same time in same venue.
Swara:What r u serious?
Rajeev: Ha beta. Do u have any problem?
Swara: Ofcourse not papa. Infact i am so happy for that. Think na if there are more people then there will more fun & entertainment. Right pops.
Rajeev: Ha beta. We can enjoy a lot. Even my friends family also wants the same.
Swara: Sure papa u inform the matter. I will go & freshup.

Rajeev informs them the matter & they also feel happy. Even dia & laksh also agrees for this.

Next day engagement, swara was dressed just like a princess stunning & so beautiful.She is wearing pink & yellow combo lehenga & jewellery. Rey with maroon and cream combo sherwani.
Here laksh wears royal blue & white combo sherwani. Dia is also beautiful wearing green and violet combo sherwani. Full family meets each other. Swalak meet each other. They something strange. But did not mind it. The ceremony starts & the couple exchange their rings. Then couple starts to dance. Swara & rey starts to dance on hangover song. Dia & laksh will dance on if u hold my hand song.

Scene 2

Here ragini will go from the accident area. She doesn’t want to go from there but her brother insists her to leave. She comes to home. But she cannot sit for a while. She is getting worried for that person. She is about to cry. Then her mother comes to her.
Sandhya: Ragini want u want to eat beta. She sees her being tensed. She asks the reason. Ragini ecplains her everything what had happened & she starts crying.
Ragini: Ma i was so afraid. If anything happens to him then what ma?
Sandhya: Nothing will happen to him lado. I think it was a small accident. Even your brother was there na. First call him & ask about the situation.

Ragini agrees & tries to call him but his phone is not reachable. She cannot control her fear. She says that she have to meet that person & should know about his condition. I will go & she leaves from there before her mother says something.

She goes on road by crying. Then cabir sees her going and comes near her. He sees her crying & asks her the reason.
Cabir: Ragini what happened baby? Y r u crying? I can’t see u crying. Say me what happened i am there na for u. Please tell me.
By seeing him firstly ragini hugs him tightly & cries. Cabir feels happy for the first time she touches him but he feels sad by her crying.

Cabir: Baby please tell me. First stop crying. Until i am with u nothing will happen to u. Say me what happen. Does anyone tease u?
Ragini says him everything. Cabir understood the situation & consoles her.
Cabir: Baby dev is right u should stay away from this situation.

Ragini: But cabir how can i stay away? Accident was done just because of me. How can i forget it. .
Cabir: Ragini please dnt be so good. Be selfish also. Nothing will happen to him.
Ragini: Cabir please i am getting late. I have to go.

She is about to leave then cabir hold her & says ok i will also come u i can’t send u alone. Now again dnt argue. Lets go & they leave.
Here in hospital dev is watching secretely the situation. Suddenly one hand comes to him & touches him. He turns & sees him. He is cabir.
Cabir: Who r u? What r u doing here?
Dev: Thats none of ur business. Who r u to ask me?
Cabir: That was ful my business only because i am police.

Dev gets tensed. Sir i was just….
Ragini enters there & sees the scene & gets angry on cabir. She goes to dev & says cabir is not police he is her friend.
Cabir: Sorry ragini. I was just trying to cheer up.
Ragini: Please cabir u can leave now. I have to talk with my brother.
Cabir: But ragini….
Ragini: Cabir pls leave.
He goes from there.
Dev: Di who is he?
Ragini: Dev leave all that. Tell me about him. How is he?
Dev: There is no information di. I was waiting for that.
Then doctor comes there & says to police that he is fine but he lost lot of blood. His blood group is rare. We need urgently AB+ blood group.

Ragini thinks that her blood group is also same. She thinks atleast by this she can rectify her mistake.
Ragini: Dev i will give blood to him.
Dev: Di but how can u give?
Ragini: Dev please dnt stop me. I want to do this. I will be happy.
Dev: Ok di as u wish.
She goes to give her blood. She taught to see him but she cannot. Even they both are in same room they cannot see eachother.

Screen ends on dance of swalak & ragsan in icu.


Same as yesterday.

Credit to: Madhu

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