Tu ishq mera-(part-5) ( Swalak & Ragsan)


Hey guys. Thanks for all your comments. Thank u abdul, sindhu, xxx, jhanvi, dhara, sinzo, rakhi, kriya, priya. I know azure that ragsan scenes are short but as per story swalak flashback will be more than swasan scenes. I am sry for that once the flashback completes I will make both the couples equal. I am sorry smriti i have to do with amar because he only suits that character. Please dnt take it personally. Guys I have already told u that couples are not familiar to each other in 2nd each other until flashback completes. So please have patience. Thanks Nusz & Priya. Now lets go to our story.

Meet of Swara Bf, Laksh Gf, Ragini Bf, Sanskaar unknown Gf.

Today’s Episode.

Scene 1

Swara will take her Bf to her parents & says about their love. First they will argue but later agrees. They will decide to do engagement first. So both Rey and Swara will go for shopping.

Here laksh will see that girl & gets shocked. He asks watchman that she is his owner’s daughter. He says Yes.

Dia: What the hell u people r doing here? U came again to insult me.
Laksh: No mam. Please dnt misunderstand us. That was an accident. But mistake is all yours.
Then only Mr. Raichand arrives there. He sees Laksh & asks Who R They?

Laksh introduces himself to Raichand & he welcomes laksh & his friends inside. Then Laksh says the reason for his arrival. Dia listens to this & before Raichand says something she calls him aside that she wants to say him something.
Raichand: Wait a second my boy, my daughter is calling me I have to go.
Laksh: But Sir….

Raichand leaves & goes to one room. After sometime he came back with serious expression.
Raichand: So Mr.laksh My daughter decides all my appointments & it is impossible to get approval from so easily.
But u guys have succeeded it. Yes i will come to your college & leaves from there.
Laksh was surprised & also feels happy. He goes to dia & asks about the matter. She says then I am impressed with U & ur words Mr. Laksh. Upto now no one dares to talk with me like u. And also I likes ur sincerity & straightness in your words. So i thought to help u thats it. Then they become good friends & then lovers.

There parents also will agree for their marraige & engagement is fixed. They also will go for shopping.

Then from one side swara & rey are coming & from other side Laksh & dia coming. Both the couples will not see each other & passes. Then they will go to first ladies zone. There Swara is looking for best outfit but she cannot choose. Then Rey says I can’t choose for girls so u only should choose.
She was confused. On the other side laksh will select one dress for Dia. But she doesn’t likes it. She will choose her own. He will get sad but he leaves that dress & says it was so beautiful hope my love will wear this. He goes from there then couple enters there & she will select the same dress selected by laksh & she gets happy. They will confirm it & leaves. Same scene repeats in case of ring selection also but here Swara selects ring & rey doesn’t likes it. Then laksh likes it. So couples are met unknowingly.

Scene 2
Here Ragini is feeling nervous to talk with cabir. She also likes him but did’nt say to him. He is following her since 2 years. Today he have decided to talk to her. After the college he follows her & tried to talk to her.
Cabir: Hi Ragini.
Ragini: …..
Cabir: Wait ragini. He holds her hand tightly.
Ragini: What R U doing? Leave my hand.
Cabir: No ragini. Not today. I have to say.
Ragini: What?
Cabir: Ragini from the day I saw u I was in love with u. I want u to be mine. Please hold my hand.
Ragini: Ragini is happy inside but doesn’t shows it. She goes from there.
Cabir: Ragini even dnt answer me i know u Love me. But I want u to accept it. I will wait for that day.
Then Ragini turns back & slowly smiles by looking at him. She keeps a flower on the road & leaves from there.
He understands that she also loves him he will feel happy & I Love U Ragini I Love U So Much by jumping in air.

Here sanskaar after leaving from college he goes by his way. Then he will see a small boy handling a bouqet of flowers standing in the middle of the road. He sees him & stops his car & asks him who is he & what he is doing here? Then the boy says one sister has told him to give this flowers & also this letter to u. Sanskaar takes it & asks who is she? He says I dnt know her & goes from there.
Sanskaar opens letter & reads it. Again one more love letter. Looks like she is following me. Have to stop her. He wrote reply to that letter that he is not interested in love so please stop following me. He kept there & went away. After sometime Aksha comes there & see that letter & feels happy & says thats y I Love U sir. She leaves from there.

Sanskaar car goes on the same way where Ragini is going to her home.

Ragini is feeling happy that finally she is in love. Cabir is a nice person & she will be happy with him. Then suddenly a strong wind started to blow her dupatta will flow away by air. It will go towards Sanskaar car & will cover the car glass. For the sudden scene Sanskaar control his balance & can’t see what is infront of him & he is about to dash an old lady. He misses that lady & goes & hits a tree.

Ragini was shocked by this incident. She is about to go to sanskaar but dev enters there & asks her what happened? She says everything to him. He understood the situation & also listens someone calling police & saying about the accident. He takes ragini aside & says di we have to go from here. Its not safe for u to stay here.
Ragini: But dev this accident is done juat because of me. We have to see him.
Dev: Di please listen to me. U just leave from here. I will be there with him & wait i will bring ur dupatta. He goes & brings her dupatta & says Di please trust me. I will be there with him. U just leave.
She says Ok & leaves from there. While going she will try to see him but she cannot. She says sorry to him in heart & prays for him to be fine.

Screen Ends on smiling faces of Swalak & shocked face of Ragini & unconscious state of Sanskaar.


Strom in everyone life.

Credit to: Madhu

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    1. Thanku So much Nusz. So sweet of u. Thanks for your encouragement. I will make my best to make u people feel happy.

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