Tu ishq mera-(part-3) ( Swalak & Ragsan)


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Intro of our leads.

Today’s Episode.

Scene 1

Swara was in college with her friends. Suddenly she got a call from unknown person. After talking she says to her friends that she has to go its important. She leaves from there & and straightly to her dad’s office.

P. A: Hello mam. How r u I am seeing u after a long time.

Swara: Offo Sasha. U have started again. How many times I told u not to cal me Mam. I am ur best friend yar. Have u forgot that?

PA: Ya I have’nt forget that. But u have forgot our friendship. Thats y after my joining in your dad’s office u haven’t cal me once.

Swara: Oh I am sorry yar. Please forgive me. Oh my god I forgot. I have to meet Dad urgently. Where is He?

PA: He is in a meeting in conference hall.

Swara: Ok. Thanks bye. I will talk to u later.

PA: Ok bye.

Swara will go to her father directly to conference hall.

Swara: Hey dad.

Rajeev: Hey my babydoll. U here. Anything important?

Swara: Yes dad. I need u just for 5 mins. Please if u can?

Rajeev: Sure my baby. Anything for u. Ok gentleman I have to leave. Lets go baby.

Manager: But sir this meeting is important for us.

Rajeev: Cancel the project. Nothing is important for me than my daughter.

He leaves from there. Then his wife also arrives there.

Rajeev: Shikha what r u doing here?

Shikha: What to do Rajeev ur princess ordered me to be here.

Swara: Yes Dad. Its important to mom to be here.

Then she will take them to her friends who r getting ready to do marriage.
Swara: Mom & dad these are my friends. She is roopa & he is rohit. They both love each other. But they have no parents. So I want U both become their parents & do their marraige. Please.
Rajeev: Sure princess. U don’t need to plead us. We are very happy that our daughter is giving us an opportunity to do we will do for sure.
Shikha: Ha beta. We r proud of u.

They will do the marriage following all the rituals.

Scene 2
Here Laksh is talking with his friends.

Friend 1: Yar lucky this time also U are the topper of the college. One more party.
Laksh: Sure guys. But only after the college. Because I can’t miss class.
Friend 2: Ok baba ok.

Peon comes there & calls Laksh & says Laksh baba principal is calling u.
Laksh: Ha kaka. I am coming.
He goes to principal.
Principal: Welcome my boy. Congracts once again for being our college topper. U are the person whom i like the most.
Laksh: Thank U sir. That’s my pleasure.
Principal: So I have called u here for an important work. U know that within a couple of weeks we r going to celebrate our college anniversary. So I want u to meet an important person. His name is Mr. Manish Raichand. One of the successful business man in the city. U have to meet him & should convince him to attend our college anniversary.
Laksh: Sir me. But how sir. Y will he listen to me?
Princi: Ya I know that. I will show u the solution. He has one daughter. She will manage all his meetings. If u convince her she will make our work easy.
Laksh: But sir….
Princi: No one more word Laksh. This is our college prestige issue. I am giving everything to u. Now u only should handle this matter. Thats final.
Laksh: Ok sir.

Scene 3
Here Ragini will get ready for college. She goes her father & asks for college fees.

Shekhar: How
many times will u pay college fees? Last month only u have paid right.
Ragini: Ha papa. But that is tution fees.
Shekhar: Do u think that I am getting
money from trees. There is no money.
Ragini: Please Papa. This is my last year. Fees is important. Please give me money papa please.
Shekhar: I said no Na. Don’t go to college &
sit at home. He goes from there. She starts
crying badly regarding her studies. Her
brother comes there & holds her & asks What happen di Y R U crying?
She says everything to him.
Dev: Offo di. For such a small thing u r crying this much. I am there for u na. I will give u that money. Wait. Here is ur money. Take it.
Ragini: But Dev, where did u get this much money?
Dev: Dad gave me to buy my fav sport shoes. But i will take it again. Now u take it.
Ragini: But dev u love those shoes right.
Dev: My lovely sister. I Love U more. So u first go to college & the fees.
Ragini: Thank u dev. Even I Love U Too. They hug each other.

Scene 4
Here Sanskaar is new comer to college. He will directly goes to principal cabin.
Sanskaar: Hello Mr. Sharma.
Princi: Helo Sanskaar. Nice to meet u. I heard a lot about u. I am happy by having u in our college.
Sanskaar: Thank U sir.
Principal: Come with me. I will introduce u to our students.
Sanskaar: Ya sure.
They will go to assembly hall. Students are Already waiting for them.
Principal: Good Morning students. Today I will introduce u a great person who has won world championship in sports. He is also one of our trustie’s son. His name is Sanskaar Mathur.
All will claps for him. And one more thing from today onwards he is joining as sports coach in our college. Please welcome him.
All students welcomes him with claps.
Sanskaar: Thank U principal sir for giving me such an opportunity to prove my talent. And students please dnt think that by playing ur studies will get spoiled. Its not correct. Because body refreshment is necessary for every student. It will be coming only by playing. Body fitness is also necessary for good health. So I encourage each & every student to participate in games. Not only boys girls are also eligible. So get ready for a new turn in ur life. All the best guys. See u in ground.

Screen ends with happy face of swara, confused face of laksh, crying with happiness face of ragini & exciting face of sanskaar.

Guys character of dev as ragini’s brother will be played by Lavin Gothi. Please comment guys.


Meet of Swalak & Ragsan unknowingly.

Credit to: Madhu

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