Tu ishq mera-(part-2)


Hey guys. How r u all? Thank u so much to u all. Please also comment if u people have ideas regarding the story. I will maximum try to give u my best of the story. Now lets start our story.

Swara is shocked. Ragini is escaped from marraige. Laksh is crying badly. Sanskaar
is trying to escape.

Today’s episode.

Scene 1

Swara is shocked by seeing a person back of her. She was about to ask who is he, then suddenly he closes her mouth & makes her sit down and says dnt say anything he will see u.

Swara: Who r u? What r u doing here?

Person: I will say u everything. First lets go from here. Wait I will see if he is here.

Swara: Ok.

Person: He is not their here. Lets leave silently from here.

They carefully goes from there. They will run from there for some distance. There he will take her to his home.

Person: This is my home. (Guys that is a tent house). First drink some water. He will some water and she will drink it & thank him.

By the way my name is razak. I am a medical student. I am from mumbai. I am here on the cause of attending medical camp. Sorry by talking more are u getting bored? By the way what about u? U can say me only if u trust me.

Swara: U have helped me when i was in danger. I will surely trust u. My name is Swara. Swara Malhotra. I am from mumbai.

Flashback starts.
Swara is an independent, lovely and caring nature girl. She is the only daughter for malhotra industries. Her father name is Rajeev Malhotra & her mother Shikha. Both are best business tycoons in the city.

Swara’s introduction will be seen in college by getting down from her latest car. All boys will be like a statue & stares at her. She wears black short dress looks modern. Background song starts.

Gulaabi aankhein jo mere dhekein
deewana har dil ho gaya. (Song from Student of the year).

Scene 2
Laksh was going out with nidhi in order to change his mood. He starts to think about his past.

Flashback Starts.
Laksh is a handsome & dashing boy. He was so active & lovable boy. He was very friendly. All girls are fans of him.
His entrance will show by doing exercise in a gym. He has a good muscular body. When he is coming out of gym all girls will follow him.
Background song starts. Capuchino song from I Me Aur Mein.

Scene 3
Ragini is successfully out from her marraige. She and cabir are going far from the city. They both are very happy. She is very excited. In excitement she is shouting on the way on bike.

Cabir: Baby just relax. Dnt get excited. Sit properly. If anything happens to u I can’t live without u.

Ragini: Dnt worry Cabir. Today I was very happy. Let me enjoy this moment.

Cabir: Ok. But be careful ok.

She thinks about her past.
Ragini is a shyful & bubbly girl. She never used to talk with anyone. She has only one best friend. That is her pet dog honey. Her mother has done 2nd marraige so he will never used to treat her like his daughter. His name is Shekhar. He has one son. He is younger to ragini. His name is Dev. He loves his ragini sister very much.
Her intro will start by learning music from one guru.
Song starts as Hasi bangaye female song from HAK.

Scene 4

Here Sanskaar is trying to untie himself. But he failed. Then one person will enter the room. He is a doctor & he came to treat Sanskaar.

Doctor: Helo Mr.Sanskaar. Mam told me everything. Nothing will happen to u. Let me treat.

Sanskaar: No need to treat me. Let me die. Just go away.

Just then Aksha enters with a beautiful golden saree. She looks awesome. She says

Aksha: How can u say that baby? If u die then what about me. What will I do without U?

Sanskaar for the first time will see her and will get stunned by her beauty. He thinks she was beautiful. When did I said No to her? But suddenly he thinks about her cruel nature and says

Sanskaar: Please let me go. I have to meet my parents.

Aksha: Doctor, please give him anesthesia. He will not allow u to treat him until he is in sense. So please treat him. And one more thing u should make him fine. He is my life. Be careful.

Doctor: Mam. U just relax. I will make him fine.

Aksha: Ok baby. I am leaving. I can’t see u in pain. I will meet u soon. Bye.

Sanskaar will keep his face irritatingly & doctor will give him anesthesia.

Aksha after coming out from that room will think to herself. Sanskaar do u know y I Love U So Much. Because U hate Love.

Flashback Starts
Sanskaar is a very reserved person. He is so good looking person. Anyone will easily loves him. He is good in nature & well mannered. Aksha is neighbor in his house. Sanskaar’s Father Is an I A S officer. His name is Mohan Mathur. His mother is a house wife she is sheela mathur. He has one big brother. He is also a police officer. His name is Nihaal Mathur. His wife is a fashion designer & she is rekha mathur.

His intro will be seen by
He is walking in college library by reading a book. All girls are Turning around him. But he is not even seeing anyone.

Background Song Starts

Deewana hai dekho song from KKKG

Screen ends on dance of Swara & Laksh. Silent & smiling faces of Ragini & Sanskaar


Story Starts.

Credit to: Madhu

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