Tu ishq mera-(part-1)

Hello guys. Thanks for ur support. For allthe silent readers also thanku very much. Sujatha , kinnera, tan
u, ammu, pooja sry guys i can’t keep pairs of raglak and swasan. My pairs are swalak and ragsan. Roshini vedam mve is completely different from this story. Now we can start our story.

Recap :
Situations of our leads.

Scene 1

Swara was running very long away from
that villain. He was trying to catch her at any cost. At one point he missed her. She was hiding back of the big stone.

Villain: Baby where r u? Please come to me na. Y r u going far from me? I love u so much my jaan. Can’t u understand my

Swara to herself says god please save me. Please show me a way to escape from

Villain: Baby i know u r somewhere here. Come to me. See u r only mine. If u come with me i will treat u like princess
otherwise i will torture u.

Swara was about to go away from their suddenly she will see someone at her back and turns back and was shocked.

Scene 2:

Laksh home will be seen. (Guys please
notice here laksh, sanskaar, swara, ragini are not related to each other. Each of them are different.)

Laksh’s mom radhika will seen walking in her home tensely. She is waiting for some one. Then their will be entry of one beautiful girl. She will be wearing blue sleeveless top and black jeans. Her name is nidhi. She is the best friend for laksh.

Nidhi: Hey aunty how r u? Y r u seeing so tensed?

Radhika: Thank god nidhi u came. I was waiting for u since long time. See laksh yesterday went to his room from then he is not even opening his room door. I was worried for him. Please do something.

Nidhi: Don’t worry aunty i will talk to him.
She will go to him.

Laksh its me nidhi. Please open the door laksh. I am there for u na. Forget what had happened to u. Please comeout. (Guys here nidhi role will be played by krisann baretto).

Laksh: Nidhi yar please leave me alone. Go away.

Nidhi: Lucky listen to me just comeout. Atleast for me.

After a long request from nidhi laksh will come. By seeing her concern on him he was touched. Suddenly he hugged her very tightly. And he started crying.

Laksh: Nidhi please help me. No one is their with me. Please be with me.

Nidhi: Lucky i will be their for u. Be strong ok. Just come with me.

Scene 3

Ragini is getting ready for her marraige. Her mother will come to her. Her name is sandhya.

Sandhya: Ragini are u ready beta?

Ragini: Ma please i am not intrested in getting married now. Please ma.

Sandhya: Ragini i can’t do anything beta. This is ur father’s decision. I can’t go against him. I am sorry beta.

She goes from their by crying suddenly she will collide with one person wearing burkha.

Sandhya: Sorry beta. R u hurt?

Lady: Its k aunty i am fine. By the way i am ragini’s friend. Where is she? Can i go and meet her?

Sandhya: Ha sure. Go straight and take left. The first room is ragini’s go and meet.

Lady: Thank u aunty.

She goes and she sees ragini in wedding dress.

Lady: Wow my princess u r looking so beautiful in this dress.

Ragini : Thank god. Finally u came here. I waiting for u only since long time. She goes and hugs.

The person is not lady. He is a male.

Ragini. By the way y r u so late. I thought if u willbe late then my marraige will be done with that donkey.

Person: No way my baby. Until i am there with u no one can even touch u.

Ragini: Very funny. Now come fast we have to leave. No one saw u na.

Person: No one except ur mother. But its k i have managed her.

Ragini: Ok lets leave.

Scene 4

Here sanskaar is trying to untie himself. In the meantime he was also suffering from pain that was stabbed in stomach. Suddenly a voice will be heard in that room. A girl will be seen coming. We cannot see her only her shadow will be seen.

Lady: Helo sanskaar. How r u feeling now? Is their is more pain in ur stomach?

Sanskaar: Who r u? Y u have brought me here? I have to go. All my family will be waiting for u.

Lady: Have u forgot me? I am the girl who loved u very much even u said no to me. I love u more than my life.

Sanskaar: More than ur life. U r lieing if u really love me y u will try to kill me by stabbing?

Lady: No sanskaar. Do u think i am a stupid to take ur life? I just stabbed in a safe place. Nothing will be happen to u. Even i does’nt want to do that. But what to do u r not accepting my love. So inorder to make u mine i have to take this step. By the way now doctor will come to treat u. Be patience.

Sanskaar: Who r u? I don’t even know u. How can i love u? Atleast say ur name.

Lady: Oh my god. U r asking my name. I was so happy. My name is Aksha. Aksha tiwari.

Sanskaar thinks to himself name is nice. But her character is just like a psycho. I have to plan something and have to escape from here.

Aksha: Baby don’t think more and get strain. U can never escape from me. This place is mine and u also only mine.

Guys ragini’s boyfriend character name is cabir and character is played by
Kushal tandon. And the character aksha will be played by shilpa anand.

Now the screen ends on shocked face of swara, crying face of laksh, happy face of ragini and irritated face of sanskaar.

Same precap of yesterday’s.

Credit to: Madhu


  1. Lila

    Madhu…I like ur story plz…thank u so much for ragsan and swalak…I love those pairs….plz don’t change them

  2. Wow finally another ragsan… I love
    Them together so much. Yes I like swasan but ragsan are Too cute.. Can’t wait to read your story Hun.
    Also I’m writing a ff called destiny vs love… I hope you can read it and comment some ideas too.
    This part one for your ff is impressive and amazing. It’s looks very promising..
    Good luck for your next epsode Hun~Nusz

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