Tu ishq mera (intro)


Hey guys. I am a silent reader. I used to read the fans of their own ff’s so as a fan i thought me also should write my own ff. So presenting wise i will give u the intro of story. If u people likes we will start story track. Lets start.

Scene 1:
A beautiful city with full crowd of people and the city is with full of lights. There at the far of the city there will be one big jungle. There will be seen one girl running to save her life. She is wearing a beautiful chudidhar with red and black combination. One villain is following her. She is praying to god to save her from that villain by running.

Scene 2
A beautiful house is seen with beautiful garden with plenty of flowers. But inside the house one boy is trying to commit suicide. He was very sad and was crying by seeing his state. He was looking at a photo that was not shown to us. He was saying to himself that ” Today what i was is just because u. I just hate u and hate u forever.” He had mixed poison in milk and he is ready to drink.

Scene 3:
A Girl was getting ready for marraige that was forced her to do. She was crying alot by sitting alone in room. Y it has happened to me. God please save me from this marraige please. She was ragini.

Scene 4:
It was a dark room where one boy was beaten hard and was tied to chair. He was bleeding and he also got stabbed in his stomach. He cannot even open his eyes but he can feel his state. He thinks to himself that I should try to go from here until i was alive. God please give me strength.

Precap :

Introduction of our story leads.

Credit to: Madhu

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