tu hi tu-mere rubaroo..twinj os

Hey guz..
its me..ur jasmin..
i noe i din posted my epi but u noe wat i will not coz this stupid mental tu wants me not only me but every1 to register..
aree its my wish na that i shoul or should not..
i cant register as i dont remember my id’s password..
so will not write but try to comment..
tpday i thought to give a final toich before leaving my writing..
so i m with n os on twinj named as
so lets start
a big mansion is shown wer a girl wearing grey shirt with white n black lines on it n grey skirt..grey tie..bronze coloured belt on which it was written amritsar state school…she had made a puff with two braids that wer until her waist line..she was hanging a bag on her right shoulder..she was wearig black socks woth 2 white lines staped on the top of socks..n black sport shoes..she was having a perfect body..then she sits on a big lavish sofa n says..
G-mom..dad..now my vacations started..we will go somewhere..plzz
A couple was sitting..the man was reading a newspaper while the lady was reading a magzine..hearing this the man putted the newspaper down..he is rt..
rt-twinkle puttar..i m really very sorry but we cant go..i m having a lot of meetings..
then the lady who is leela..obviously says..
l-yes beta..n here is the family functions of the luthras..do u remember..sowe have to go there too..

Twinkle being upset went n sat on her room bed after changing herself into blue velvet jeans n black t-shirt..she was student of 12..n she got her vacations for 2 months..suddenly an idea strikes into her mind n she runs down to her parents..

t-mom..dad..if v all cant go then can i go to my nursery teacher’s school to teach there..i will feel good to meet her again n to teach the students too.. listening this rt n leela wer happy that twinkle was not at all miffed with them..they readily agreed..the next day twinkle woke up at 6 o clock being excited(huh..otni bhi kya excitement ki apni beauty sleep bhi barbaad kare..)she went to washroom n came out after n hour..she changed herself into a white shirt n a tight black jeans..she applied kajal..n eyeliner..wore her favourite bracelet which was black n white in colour in one hand while a black n white watch in the other one(puri zebra lag rahi h..1940 ki..aree nahi smaje..puri 1940 k black n white zamane ki ladki..)she took her phone of white colour(see again white)..n went down..she ate her breakfast..n now it was 8…n the school starts from 9..so she thought to see tv..her favourite show was going on..in which her favourite hero participated..are dont u know..offo..its obviously jhalak dikhlaja..n of course siddhant participated in it..seeing this she thinks..

t-hope dad find another siddhant gupta for me..i know there is no one like him in this world..but my future husband should have some qualities of him..
she was just passing her time..then she went to her school..from wer she was too adicted..she was passing her most time with the school now..its been 4 days that she was going there..then the next day..she went there..as usual she worked..teached every1..till 2..then all the parents wer coming to take their children..twinkle saw some1 n was shocked..she shouted..”MAHI” a girl turned..she was mahi..twinkle’s best friend..she wnt to her n asked her..
t-hey mahi…how r uu here..

m-oo twinkle..i came here to take kush from here..my small brother..but what r u doing here..?
t-this time u noe we din went out so i thought to teach here..its my old school only..
twinkle then sees some1 standing with kush arm folded..he was wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt with white pant..twinkle asked mahi that is he with u..?

m-yep..he is kunj..kunj come here..he is my cousin..
twinkle n kunj talked formally n then went..to their respective houses..nowit was everyday’s routine that twinjhi daily meets..but mahi found something fishy..as wen firstly she ised to ask kunj to come with her to pick up kunj he always used to tell her no..but from the day he met twinkle he always came with her…n on the other side twinj wer sharing a great bond..it was like they became bff’s..but somewer they had a soft corner for eo..now as twinkle’s 12th ended…she was panning for the college..on the other side..kunj ends up telling mahi that he love her..mahi is shocked cum happy..she starts to beat kunj

K-aree mahi..pagal vagal ho gai h kya..mar kyu rahi h(mahi..have u gone mad or wat…y r u beating me) suddenly maahi jumps on him..she hugs him tightly..kunj gets shocked..
k(thinks)-aree yaar..ye ladkiyan badi complicated hoti h..kabhi marti h kabhi hug kar leti h..(oh god..these girls r really complicated..sometimes she beats..sometimes hugs..) (to mahi) mahi bhai hu tera..ese behave kyukar raha h jese tu mujhse bohot pyar karti h or mmujhe kabhi kise or ka hone nahi degi..(mahi..m ur brother..y r u behaving like u love me very much n will never let me be of any1 else..)

M-shut up kunj..i m so happy for u..at last finally u found a bhabhi for me..
she breaks the hug..both smiles..dauys passes by..n sooner it flews..i mean k days r passing very quickly..whole 1 month passed..then one day twinkle comes to sarna mansion..only mahi was present there..twinkle was shivering very badly..n says something to mahi which is muted..mahi gets shock..n says
m-no twinkle..u cant do this..plzz

T-mahi m reqlly sorry..ubut plzz don tell this to kunj..u r on my swear..
m-ok..i will not tell anything to kunj..dont cry..
next day
kunj commes to taneja mansion n finds it locked..he gets shocked n then thinks that twinkle might have been to his house..he goes to his house but finds no one except mahi..he asks her..
k-mahi have u seen twinkle..i went to her house she was not there..not in her favourite places too..
mahi gets shockedd n starts sweating..she turns to other side to avoid eye contact..kunj finds someting fishy..he asks her..
k-mahi tell me wer is she..
m-kunj..kunj i don know..
k(a bit harshly)-tell me wer is she..
m-i..i rally don know..

K(loudly)-I ASKED WER IS SHE..
mahi gets scared n says
m-vo..vo..yesterday twinkle came n..
twinkle comes to sarna mansion n sees only mahi is there..she is sweating badly..mahi comes to her n asks her wat happened..
t-mahi my family is shifting to london..n they want me to do the higher studies there only..
mahi gets shocked listening this..
t-mahi plzz don tell this to kunj..plzz..

M-ok twinkle i will not tell him..
flashback ends..
kunj gets shocked..
K-wen is her flight..
m-after 30 mins..go kunj..just stop her..plzz..

kunj rushes from there to the airport..he rushes here n there..finally he spots twinkle checking in the counter..he shouts TWINKLE..twinkle turns n is shocked to see kunj..she gets tears in her eyes..she turns n again starts to go but is not able to..but the person standing on the counter says that move fast..twinkle moves further..now its time for the flight to take off..the flight takes off..kunj comes out of the airport n sits on his knees..he shouts..
suddenly some1 puts hand on his shoulder..he sees the hand..the hand is of a girl..he sees her face n hugs her tightly..

k-Y ME..I LOST MY LOVE..I LOST MY LOVE TODAY MAHI..(how mahy of u thought that the girl is twinkle..)
m-no kunj..u din lost ur love..today u gained ur love..true love always wins..n today also ur love won kunj..ur love won..
kunj looks on boggled n mahi moves aside wen twinkle comes from her backside..kunnj is shocked..he hugs her n says..
k-twinkle..wer u went..plzz dont u ever leave..i will die..I LOVE U TWINKLE..

Kunj gets happy..he breaks the hug n toches his forhead to hers..

Thank u every1 who commented in my ff..i love each n every tu member..ty every1 to be my support..i read all the ffs..
my fav. R of..
sayu di,pali di,sweeti di,saby di,ritzi di,shamz di,sameera di,joonakanksha di,akanksha di,satakshi di,ria di,shreya di, manu,kruti di n many more..
ty every1…
plzz plzz plzz comment..
as its my last update..
i will read all the ffs nwill try to comment..but ppzz every1 add 1 comment to ur epi..
love u all loads..


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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Well I never read your FF…but after reading this OS I am sure it will be also amazing like this OS! Well written, well described OS! Keep going!

    Well dear Jasmin you actually don’t know accurately about the registration process, you have to creat another password for your Id it can be anything!
    Keep writing!
    (Well if you want to check my FF on Sidmin so it will be a pleasure and a honour as well!
    Please check if you get time!)

    1. Tyvm zuha..glad u liked it..n yeah i read ur ff but forgot ur name..sho sholly

  2. Baby

    hey jasmin yr ll miss ur ff pls if posbl register dear n d os it was really amazing emotional smtyms full of luv passion n u nailed it amazing

    1. Tyvm baby di…but m sorry i cant as its my brothers id but is of my name..m glad u like my os n ff too..

  3. Angita

    Amazing is…loved it

    1. Tyvm angita di..glad u liked it..

  4. Wowww.. superb.. love the os..

    1. Tyvm sidhanshi di..glad u liked it..

  5. Thank god u ended that crap
    It was just a bl**dy crap
    I dont know why people like u come in thisntu
    N yeah u know what i m too happy that u will not continue ur crap story its just bullshit
    Stupid peoples
    n plzz never ever again come to write any of the crap stories

    1. Hey m really sorry that i was not able to entertain u..but plzz don bash me..m really sorry..i would never come up with any other writing..

  6. Jasssss yr its awesome marvellous andha post kyu nhi ki time nhi mila kya chal koi baat nhi yrrrrrr superb os matlab shab nhi hai baya krne ke liye lovely loveeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu my babydoll and yr gonna miss u and ur ff

    1. Tyvm manu..or yaar time hi nahi mila..u noe na..maa ki daat sunte sunte os likh rahi thi..yaha pe post dabaya..vaha pe tab china..but glad u liked it..

  7. Saby

    Its mind blowing….
    Awww so sweet….so cute….
    Loved it so much….?
    Keep writing dear…

    1. Saby diiii where r uh???
      Majormissing# yaar …?????
      Pleaashhhhhhhh b back soon…

    2. Tyvm saby di..glad u liked it..but without registering wont be able to.. anyways..love u loads..muah!

  8. Fan

    Awesome!!!..if possible please register n continue ur ff..i will miss ur writing ?

    1. Tyvm fan di/bhaiya..i will try to register..glad u liked it..

  9. Superbbbbbbb…❤❤❤

    1. Tyvm zikra di..glad u liked it..

  10. Kruti

    Nice one jasmin

    1. Tyvm kruti di..glad u liked it..

  11. Paavu

    hey it was nic but who played kunj role in it as u told about sid in jhalak in ur ff

    1. Tyvm paavu di..if u r talking about my ff n this os then sid played all the roles as he is only kunj..n the character of rocky is played by naman shaw..m glad u liked my os..

  12. Sayeeda

    Wwoooooowwwwwww Jasmin …
    What a cute OS yrr …padke maza agaya ….loved it ….
    Soooo lovely ….awesome ..amazing ..
    nd don’t mind anyone’s words coz u wrote the OS very beautifully ..nd we all know u r a superb writer …
    Too good yrr ….
    love u nd sorry for the late comment ..

    1. Tyvm sayu di..u noe wat..in school too i was thinking about u..now dont think any other way..aree u r my di..i was thinking y dont u still commented..but wen i saw ur comment i was jumping..u r my favourite di..i love u to the core..u npe wat i just love u..wen 1 ur hater bash me then i dont need any1 else comment..i only want my sayu di’s comment..i love u to the core..n yeah i saw ur comments of 19 epi..i m shocked that how narrow minded people comes in this tu..how can they judge some1 from there religion..they must respect every1..n m really sorry k i was not able to comment in ur both the ffs..but srsly i love them all..n every writer plzz add 1 comment to ur ff..
      bas thank u bolna tha
      a big round of applause for me…
      aree itni lambi speech di hamari sayu di pe..taliyan to banti h na..

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing …..loved it

    1. Tyvm purnima di..

  14. dreamer..arundhati

    Osum osum….I wad gummed to his one ,..too gud dear

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