Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fanfic by Jhanvi episode 18

Episode 18

Naira looked at herself in the mirror. The black gown that her mother had chosen for her was elegant, classy and spelled out s*xy in bold. She was kind of shocked that her mother would pick this for her. But then she thought maybe everybody was dressed like that.
She went down to the hall area only to find Naksh there, alone.
‘where did everybody go? They left so soon? ‘ Naira asked.
Naksh looked dapper in his tuxedo.
‘ whoa. You really want to kill this guy don’t you? ‘ Naksh asked.
Naira blushed at that.
‘ look at you blushing. What has Karthik Goenka done to my sister? ‘ Naksh asked.
‘ the same thing that keerti Goenka has done to my brother. ‘ Naira replied, smiling.
They reached the venue in about half an hour. The other members of the family had left earlier to complete some last minute preparations.
Naira entered the venue to see her parents talking to Karthik anod keerti.
She walked upto them.
Karthik was gaping at her with his mouth hanging. Few seconds later he seemed to regain his composure and continued talking to naitik
‘yes uncle. I’ll graduate in another three months. ‘
Just then the MC for the day, had an announcement to make
‘ ladies and gentlemen, let’s call the couple of the night on the stage ‘

Keerti and Naksh walk up to the stage and raise their glasses.
The Mc says’ let’s raise a toast for the happy Married life of this wonderful young couple, truly in love. ‘
Naira then saw a glass being brought in front of her face. It was Karthik.
‘ you see, this is how we wish for happiness in our family. By drinking. Bunch of hypocrites! They won’t let a drop of alcohol enter our holier than thy house, but this is okay. You know why? Because we have a reputation to maintain. The Goenkas dwell on their pride Naira. That’s all they’ve ever done. ‘
Naira took the glass from him and kept it on the table beside her.
She tried to take the glass away from Karthik’ you’re not drinking today ‘ she said. The MC then asked for some music to be played so that the couple could dance.
Karthik walked away at that instant when Naira was looking at the happy forms of keerti and Naksh dancing, in an aura of love.
She then turned around to see him dancing with Aaradhya.
What? Why would he dance with Aaradhya ? When she was right here? Did he change his mind? Or is he just trying to make her jealous? Naira’s mind was racing with thoughts.
Karthik observed her fuming and realized keerti’s plan working. He was delighted.
‘so Karthik. How’s everything with cutie pie? ‘ Aaradhya asked. That brought Karthik back to reality. He realized in the process of making Naira jealous he was playing with the pieces of Aaradhya’s broken heart.
‘ I will tell her today. Hey, I’ll get back to you later, alright? ‘ he said as he walked away towards the drinks counter.
As he sat down on one of the bar stools, he saw Naira in the arms of another man. He quickly realized what her plan was and began to smirk. His plan was working.
His eyes then turned towards the one scene that was the thorn in his spirit since a very long time. Manish and suwarna Goenka, dancing with each other, lost in the love that was clearly visible in their eyes.

After a couple of minutes of dancing with Naksh’s best friend, Kanan Mehta
‘kanan bhai, thank you so much. You’ve helped me a Great deal today. Someday I’ll tell you how you saved me by dancing with me’ she winked at him
‘anything for you’ Kanan said as he walked towards Naksh.
Her eyes searched for Karthik. Where did he disappear? Wasn’t he at the counter a couple of minutes ago?
She walked upto the counter and asked the bartender where Karthik was.
‘ma’am, sir left a couple of minutes ago. ‘ he said.
Naira immediately called Karthik.
‘ haaaayyyeeee jaanemann’ Karthik answered, his speech slurred.
‘Are you drunk? ‘Naira asked angry.
‘ everything looks so tiny from the 25th floor ‘ Karthik said.
‘ but you’ve always been tiny! My two feet. I looooooovvveeee you, two feet. ‘ he continued.
‘Are you at the terrace!? Naira said, already on the way up.
‘ Karthik don’t do anything stupid ok? I’m coming. Stay right there. Give me two minutes. ‘ Naira said as she kept jamming her fingers on the button that called the elevator down.
‘ I’ve waited two years for you, sweetheart. Two minutes is nothing ‘
The lift was taking forever to reach the floor so Naira bolted up the stairs after discarding her heels by the side of the elevator.
She reached the terrace to see Karthik drinking from a bottle, sitting on the parapet wall separating the terrace from thin air. His legs were hanging down from the wall, kicking the air.
Naira ran Towards him.
‘Karthik, get down this instant. What are you doing!? ‘Naira yelled at him. Panic was building in her chest.
‘ this end seems better. If I jump from here, at least I’d not have to see such things ‘ Karthik said.
‘ Karthik please get down on this side of the wall. Please. I’ve never asked you for anything. Just do this for me.’ Naira said.
Tears began to flow down her cheek. Karthik somehow managed to swing around so that his feet were now dangling on this side of the wall.
‘nooooooo, don’t cry. You know I can’t see you cry. ‘ Karthik said wiping her tears away.
‘ then why do you do these things Karthik? ‘ she asked.
‘ it’s just that I can’t tolerate it anymore. Seeing them like that. Dancing together. ‘ he said, crying.
‘ Karthik, who are you talking about? ‘ she asked.
‘ maneesh and suwarna Goenka. Dancing, looking at each other with that amount of love. ‘

‘ but why do you feel that way about your parents ‘ Naira asked, shocked.
‘ because she’s not my mother Naira. Suwarna Goenka is my step mother. They’re responsible for my mother’s death. ‘
——–author’s notes – – – – –
Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. Here’s one Episode. Will work on the next one ASAP. Your comments are very encouraging. Thank you soo much

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