Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fanfic by Jhanvi episode 13

Episode 13

Naira felt something wet under her cheek. She opened her eyes to see that she had been drooling in her sleep.

Karthik’s shirt was stained by her drool. Wait a minute, when had she fallen asleep on him? She tried to free herself, but was held by his right arm draped around her.

She tried to free herself. Karthik woke up in the process.

‘Huh? What happened? Are you okay? ‘ he asked.

‘ Yes. But I can’t say the same about your shirt.’ Naira said looking embarrassed.

‘That’s just a shirt. I can give up hundreds of such shirts for you. ‘
Naira couldn’t help but smile when she heard that.

An announcement was made regarding the landing at that moment and they were asked to fasten their seat belts again.
After the landing, Naira and Karthik were greeted by Keerthi and Naksh at the airport.
Naira ran into Naira’s arms as he Hugged her. The brother – sister duo were inseparable. They teased each other a lot, fought a lot, but they knew that at the end of the day they had each other’s back, no matter what.
‘bhai, I missed you so much! ‘

Meanwhile, Karthik and keerthi just looked at each other. Karthik with an unspoken apology in his eye, and keerthi with all the affection she could show.

She burst into tears when Karthik hugged her. It had been four long years since she had felt the warmth of her brother’s embrace. Her little brother was the apple of her eye. She loved him beyond words. And yet, she could never solve the misunderstanding between her parents and him. She hoped that someday she would be able to make Karthik see the truth, the truth that he had been shielded from, for far too long.

Naira broke the hug.
‘so, she’s keerthi bhabhi! No wonder bhai fell in love with you. You’re so Beautiful! And you’re Karthik’s sister. That means you must have acquired enough patience to last a lifetime. ‘

Naksh and Keerthi just looked at each other.
‘ you guys knew each other before or is this the result of one flight together? ‘ Naksh asked.

‘ arey nahi bhai. We’re best friends. Yaar hai mera’ Naira said.

Karthik’s face began to glow when she said that. This didn’t go unnoticed from keerthi and Naksh.

As they Waited for their luggage to arrive, Karthik and keerthi began To catch up for all the lost time. Keerthi was in tears continuously, and though naksh wanted to console her, he stopped himself from interrupting the siblings.

After the luggage arrived, they left for their respective homes.
Naira met her entire family after such a long time. But she couldn’t keep up with it as she was exhausted. She went to sleep right away as she wanted to look her best for the engagement in the evening.

Precap: engagement

————authors notes – – – – – – – – –
So that was the episode for today. I hope you guys liked d it. I know it was short but I’m really swarmed with vivas and exams now. And certain other problems have distracted me from the story.
Sorry guys, but I’ll try to do my best.
Thank you to everybody who is still sticking by my side in this journey.

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