Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fanfic by Jhanvi episode 12

Episode 12
The flight

Back at the hostel, Naira told Gayu about the wedding.
Gayu and Kishen’s tickets were booked for day after tomorrow – the day of the engagement

Naira didn’t sleep all night as she was busy packing her stuff. She didn’t really have anything worth wearing for the functions because she’d always avoid going, despite her mother insisting on it.

But this time, Naira wanted to look pretty. She wanted to dress up as a girl, try her best to look as feminine as possible. Because it was her bhai’s wedding.

And also because he would be there. And he’d definitely invite chudail. And she’d try to impress him with how beautiful she can look. Of course, Naira could look as beautiful as her, If she tried.

Naira caught herself in her betrayal of self confidence. The number of ands was indicative of two things.
1. She had a huge inferiority complex about how she looked and behaved
2. She was jealous. Very jealous. Of Aaradhya Malik.
Karthik had been right about both. How could he know her this well? She wasn’t completely comfortable in her own skin in such scenarios. when she felt the need to compete with somebody, she felt inadequate. Why did this girl bring out so much emotion? Or is it because of Karthik? Is that what this is? Love?

She put these thoughts on hold and decided to ponder on them after the wedding.

She couldn’t sleep well that night as she was excited about the wedding.

On the other hand, Karthik kept tossing and turning on his bed. He didn’t know how he would face his family after four long years. Even when he had vacations, he would stay back at the hostel, just so that he wouldn’t have to look at Manish Goenka and his wife, Suwarna Goenka. The world knew him as their son but he defied this fact every day.

The next morning, Karthik and Naira met at the airport. After the formalities were done, they sat at one of the benches as the announcement of their flight being delayed got announced.

Karthik was happy because he’d get more time with Naira and he could avoid meeting his family for some more time.

‘so who else is in your family? ‘ Naira asked breaking the silence, yawning.

‘ you know, animals could enter that mouth of yours. At least try to behave like a lady. Yawn with some poise. ‘ Karthik joked.

‘ Yeah Yeah. I’m sure Aaradhya does that. Does it smell of flowers too when she burps or farts? ‘ Naira asked, jealousy singing in her tone. She noticed how he was deflecting the topic.
But she was Naira Singhania. She wouldn’t give up so easily.

‘ Naira. Naira. Naira. Such jealousy. Come on, just accept it. ‘

‘ Ok fine. I’m jealous of her. Happy? ‘ Naira asked.

‘ more than you can imagine ‘ Karthik said batting his lashes at her.

‘ Karthik, she likes you ‘ Naira said.

‘ who doesn’t? ‘ Karthik said, looking all smug.

‘ no Karthik. She told me she’s in love with you ‘

Karthik’s jaw dropped.

‘ but she knows that you’re in love with m… I mean somebody else. She was asking me if I knew who it was. I think you two should talk about it. ‘

‘ yeah’ Karthik said, nodding.

‘what will you tell? ‘ Naira asked, secretly hoping he would give her words of reassurance again. Listening to him tell her that he’s hers forever made her happy these days.

‘ well, I’ll tell her the truth. That I’m in love with you She’s a strong one, I know. It’s her choice if she’d still want to maintain a friendship with me or not. I know, it could be hard for people to just be friends when you’ve crossed way beyond that stage in your head. ‘ Karthik said.

The last word hit Naira strong. The disappointment was very evident in her face.
Karthik took out his phone to call Aaradhya and began to walk away from Naira.

*hello* aaru’s chirpy little voice said on the other end of the line.

*so you’re coming to the wedding right?* Karthik asked.

*listen Karthik, I’ve something to tell you. Can we meet? *

* wait, I’ve to tell you something. I’m finally gonna ask her out. *

*ask whom? *Aaradhya’s rejection was pretty evident in her voice. Karthik hated to break it to her this way, but he had no other choice. He didn’t want her to live under any false impression that anything would be possible between them, ever.

*Naira. *Karthik said

*oh then, all the best*she said, trying to sound happy.

Karthik ended the Phone call.
Naira could see how torn he was and didn’t broach the subject again.

Their flight landed and they boarded it.

Once the plane took off, Naira was feeling very sleepy. For some reason, flights always put her to sleep.

Karthik was busy eating the breakfast supplied by the air hostesses, when Naira said ‘don’t think I didn’t notice you deflecting the question at that time.’

Karthik then finished his breakfast and saw Naira still waiting for an answer with sleepy eyes.

‘so there’s my sister, Keerti. My chacha and chachi, they have three kids. Mansi, Lav and Kush. And then there is my Dadi.’

‘and your parents? ‘ Naira asked.
She was slipping into a slumber now. The excitement last night hadn’t let her sleep and this flight wasn’t helping either.

‘ they aren’t my parents. My mother… ‘ he was stopped by Naira. She had fallen asleep on his shoulder, yet again.

Karthik was relieved a little. He didn’t want to trouble Naira with this tale of betrayal. Naira was already burdened with a lot of stress and he didn’t want to add more to the pile.

He stroked her hair as he himself fell asleep, His head resting on top of hers.

Precap: the reunion

————-author’s notes – – – – – – – – – – –
Hey guys
So this was the episode for today.

Hope you guys liked it.
Also I’d like to make a small announcement. Major exam is coming up and so I’ll not be able to post much here. The plot line that I have in mind is quite elaborate, so I want to do justice to do it. Which is not possible with these exams coming up
I hope you guys understand. I’ll try my level best to post as frequently as possible
Have a great day 🙂

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