Tu hi Nazar aata hai: Kaira fan fiction by Jhanvi Episode 22

Episode 22.
Rightfully mine

‘so about your punishment…’ Karthik said.

Karthik pulled back from her, his hands still encircling her arms.
‘my punishment?’ she asked.
‘for making me wait even after you know! Kitna tadpaya is aashiq ko’ Karthik said pouting.

Naira blushed at the mention of the A-word.

‘Haaye. You know how to blush? For me?’ Karthik said pretending to have a heart attack, clutching his hands over his heart and collapsing on her bed.

‘okay now. Enough drama. Let’s go.’ Naira said turning on her heel, before she got pulled onto the bed by Karthik.

‘not so easily, cutie pie. You need to finish your punishment first.’ Karthik said.
Naira was caged between him and the bed, and tried in vain to push him away. but he wouldn’t budge.

‘Okay fine. What should I do ?’ Naira asked.

Karthik tapped his finger on his cheek and smiled. She was amazed at the sudden surge of confidence that had possessed him.

Naira began to blush profusely and pecked him on that cheek.

Karthik then tapped on his other cheek. Naira pecked him on the other cheek as well. Never had any punishment made her feel this shy before, but she’d do it gladly. For him.

‘are you done?’ Naira was sure that her face looked like a tomato by now, she was blushing that hard.

‘the last one’ Karthik said as he pointed towards his lips.

‘close your eyes’ Naira said, smiling; the wheels in her brain running.

Karthik smiled and shut his eyes, waiting.

Naira took advantage of the situation and pushed him aside.

‘I think the quota is up for today.’ she said as she ran from the room.

Karthik ran behind Naira.
‘you can’t escape from me in the car!’ he said as he followed her.

The temple was about an hour away. As they sat in the car, hand in hand, Karthik kept staring at her, occasionally tucking a stray lock of hair, that would fan her face, behind her ear.
‘do you know how long I’ve waited for this?’ Karthik asked looking at their entwined hands.
Naira rested her head on his shoulder.
‘I’m sorry Mendhak. I should have realized sooner enough. But I thought whatever I felt was just friendship.’

‘what about when aaru came into the picture? You should have confessed at least then.’ Karthik said.

‘why don’t you go to aaru then?’ Naira said making a face at the mention of her name.

‘okay. Let me call her then’ Karthik said reaching for his phone.

Naira looked up at his face, her grip on him tightening.
‘Don’t you dare call her. You’re mine, you get it?’Naira said, face fuming with anger

‘only yours’ Karthik said, kissing her on her forehead.
The rest of the journey was slightly prolonged because of the traffic jam on the way. Karthik’s head ache had reduced but he was still sleepy. He didn’t realize when he fell asleep on Naira’s lap.

After about one and a half hours, they reached their destination. Naira asked the driver to go ahead, while she would wake up Karthik.

She stroked his hair and stared at his care free face. How did she get so lucky? How hadn’t she realized this sooner?

She bent down to kiss him on his forehead. The kiss woke up Karthik.
He was slightly startled in the beginning, but then smiled noticing how close she was.

‘about the punishment..’ Karthik said and pulled Naira closer to him. Suddenly there was a knock on the window.

Karthik sprung up from her lap startled, only to realize that it was Naira who had knocked.

She burst out into fits of giggles and ran out of the car, straight into Naksh.

Karthik quickly got out the car ‘I’ll get that kiss one way or an….’ but he stopped midway.

‘What was going on in the car?’ Naksh asked.

Oh shit!
———author’s notes – – – – – – – – – –
Hey guys
Back with another update. I know this one is really cheesy. I’ve been suffering from a couple of allergic reactions and so I was at home, unable to attend classes. I ended up re-reading an old romantic novel, one that I use to love as a teenager. Just felt like including some romance in the next few episodes. Let me know if that track gets boring. I do have a story in mind, but it will take quite some time to reach that part and so if there are any specific suggestions , please let me know. Have a great day 🙂 keep commenting

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  1. shivaya khanna

    wow loved the chapter it was not cheesy but so romantic kaira romance at its peak you totally killed it this track is not at all boring its nice to see them as a romantic couple and not onlt bffs eagerly waiting for next pls post soon the suspense in the end was great

  2. Fenil

    Hello Hope u r fine now , i read your reply on last chappy an here also.

    Romance se bharpoor chappy.
    Loved it.
    Which novel can i know ?:P
    can’t wait for next.
    As per my knowledge u have to write 100-200:P:P:D:Dchappies as u have their love story , keesh marriage ,, then study ,then after or before marrige karthik’s relation with manish:):)too much..

  3. Vrushy

    Loved the cheesy romance.
    Can’t wait for next !!

  4. Ayesha Mohammed

    Loved the romance waited for the confession and these moments for so long finally so happy to have them… Please continue with lots of romantic cute moments before planning any twists.. just want to see their romance at least for next few chapters… Loving your story ??

  5. Vinni05

    Amazing one just loved it
    Can’t wait for next one

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