Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 7)

Hi guys I am back with another episode thankyou for ur comments hope you like this part
Oberoi mansion
The scene is going that swetlana is being exposed
Shivaay: what did u think swetlana we won’t know but finally u are exposed
Om:I know swetlana I knew that there is something fishy about u and yr secrets that’s why that day gauri told me you in ice box me nw understand u are exposed
Tej slaps her: I kbow u haven’t seen the other side of tej sigh oberoi
Shivaay:actually u I have gained nothing in these years and now I are going to jail u I only have loss and we the oberois did not loss anything
Swetlana:enough is enough but I have lost something something that u will never get back
Om:what is this drama now
Swetlana:I am not drama I am saying the truth Shivaay 3 years back u lost ur wife
Everyone are shocked

Shivaay: what do u mean
Swetlana:well u all beloved that Anika did like that but the truth is she never did anything she was innocent yes I trapped her u know she was a hurdle to my plan and I trapped her in a way that u did not believe
Swetlana shouts yes Shivaay It is not Anika but me who have him drugs i one know when ut comes to ur brothers u I won’t think anything and I did this u taught Anika have on drugs but she did not why would she do that for Monet afterall she is anika rana why would she need money but did u all think like that no anika have on food but everyday i would make someone distract ger and add drugs but when I checked cctv yt? Was Anika who always give him food I deleted the part where I add the drugs I made Anika say that she will take revenge for what u I have done and made a video and when doctor said that om was given drugs through food I all lvlamed Anika and my video worked
Shivaay: how dare uuu swetlana and was broken
Swetlana:in fact Shivaay the day she went the day she got to know she was pregnant yes Shivaay she was pregnant I u lost ur wife and he child

Om:take her she was taken by police
Everyone are shocked and sad that they did not believe her her words are ringing in his mind
U will regret Shivaay u will buy it will be very late and I promise I won’t I will go far away where u I can’t find me and I will never allow u to be with us
Shivaay was taken to his room
Shivaay pov Anika I am sorry Anika i should have trusted u anikaaaaa where are u plz plz come back
Om:shivaay we all did mistake we can find her Shivaay we can find her and it child
Shivaay: on my child she will never forgive me
Rudr:why not she is anika bhabi she will forgive us
Shivaay :yes I will find her I am coming Anika I am coming

Hyderabad sighaniya mansion
It’s a mansion of dev sighaniya but it is built for the friends they all live together happily one for all was actually the name
Anika: dev ansh is with Malika they will be coming after sometime
Dev:oh ok mere bachaa teek hai n.a.
Anika: oh possessive papa he has gone in My for little time I don’t have any problem
Kunal:but we have I am his chachu
Karan:ya w/o mere champ hai
Arnav:but I am his mamu ha
Anika: teek hai u all are his but I am his mumma
Dev :oh very big deal
Naina: anika come good is ready
Anika: how is ur serial dear shooting
Meghna:all good yes dear
Devika:very good
They all eat the food
Anika looks at her engagement ring and smiles and looks at dev who was busy playing with ansh who just came now
Oberoi mansion
Priyanka was looking at her phone Instagram
Priyanka saw a pic of Anika posted by her fans
She searched Anika oberoi
Did not found but foun an account called Anika rana it was verified
She ran to Shivaay bhaiya and showed this an
Dev sighaniya
Kunal naina mehgna karan:Chauhan

Precap:shivaay gets to k ow about Anika will they meet keep reading

Guys hope u all liked it in next episode I will show the exact flash back what happened really and will they meet ???? Anika is engaged but to whom????Dev?? ? Will Shivaay get to k ow about this
Plz comment and encourage me with love rena

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  1. Nithu

    rena di……pls post recap also……………

  2. fantastic

  3. loved it

  4. Ha ha awesome dr………And I think Shivay will get a big shock post next part soon dr….

  5. Superb….?

  6. It’s was an awesome episode dear. I’m believe that shivika separated because the mis understanding of shivay towards the relationship between Anika and arnav. but I didn’t think because of omkara’s drug issues that made shivika separated. I can’t expect this twist. you are an amazing writer dear. you are my cute sis so your story is always super duper hit. Priyanga find anika ‘s details through instagram photos that was posted by her fans that was an nice idea dear. I like the bond between anika and her serial friends .I think dev was give ansh a fatherly love. I’m happy that at least shivay and his family knows anika innocence through swethalana.I hate shivay in your ff. because he always said that anika is his responsibility and anika meri bewi and promise her that he never leaves her during the day of they lost their baby. but shivay broke her trust. he don’t believe her words and he mis understand her. I believe that shivay was indirectly the reason of the death of their first child. That day they have not done the Cat fight then they never lost their child. shivay was first stating the fight. I want anika can’t forgive him so easily. I want shivay begging for her forgiveness. And the last part of the episode you mentioned that anika was smiling looking at her engagement ring. I’m don’t know if anika engaged or not
    .If anika is engaged then I don’t think that she was engaged with dev. If anika was engaged with dev then if he could not ask anika during their shooting time while acting close to him if she was comfortable or not. I’m waiting for further story of your ff. I have doubt I know whole anika ‘s serial friends without dev. who will play dev role? if he was dev dexit? .I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode update soon………

    1. Rena699

      Oh my god ahsana di this long comment made me feel I am on cloud 9
      Thankyou sooo sooo much for ur comments hope you like this part I love u sooooo much the twist are not ended
      Luv uuuuuu sooo much

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      1. it’s OK dear . coming back with the epilogue of that ff when you have get time.

  9. Hai Rena dear. I’m waiting for the epilogue of shivika ff by Rena update soon…..

  10. Awesome….Loved it..plz post next part soon

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