Tu hi meri jeene ki wajah an ff by rena (Part 19)

Shivaay:khanna I need u to track this number and I need u to find him by any means
Khanna:yes sir
Shivaay:I don’t want any mistakes to happen this time
Khanna:yes sir
I throwed the remote on the tv after giving orders to khanna
I can’t believe aksh was with him for these days and how much anika has suffered
She was alone I should have been with her
I heard her calling my name without a second I rushed to our room
Anika: shivaay……. daksh she showed the caller Id
My blood boiled when I heard his name I am gonna kill him when he will come in front of me
I asked her to attend the call
Daksh:he baby how r u
Daksh :u know what I miss u a lot
Ansh has slept and now it’s ur chance to take ur ansh back
Anika :ansh where should I come
Daksh:awww missing me anyway when everyone sleeps meet me at the
…. (says some address )..
Ok sweets heart and yaaa don’t try to bring anyone

With that he ended the call
Anika pov
Ansh is sleeping at least he is fine and finally I hope I can get my ansh back my baby back with that I looked up to find shivaay with his bloodshot eyes
Which is boiling in anger
His eyes showed possession anger and his jaws and hands clenched
I slightly holded his hands
He relaxed
But then his eyes turned into a pool of emotions which is confusing me his eyes being welled up with tears and he speaker
I am not a good father right??
He gave me no chance to speak
I am not a good father nor a good husband
What a person I was
When my wife and my son is in trouble I was not with them right
What kind of person am I
I hugged him and consoled him

Anika:shivaay it’s actually my fault and I should have told I about ansh
Shivaay cuts her and speaks
Shivaay :no anika it’s that dasksh’s fault and he is decently going to get his punishment
Shivaay pov
I consoled a nika and then my phone rings it was khanna
Shivaay:have u done what I asked u to
Khanna :yes sir I have arranged police and our gaurds near the place where anika mam has to go
He won’t see it
Shivaay:yes and I want them to be alert and when a nika goes there one wrong movement from him
Then catchy him but make sure ansh would be in our hands and even if u can’t shoot on his leg police are tgere right??
Khanna:yes sir
Anika:shivaay I am scared
Shivaay :don’t worry I am with u I won’t even let a scratch on ur and our ansh’s body
And I am gonna kill that Bastard
Daksh khurana ur dead!!!!

So hi guyz how are u all sorry for the short update and plz share ur views

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