Tu hi meri jeene ki wajah an ff by rena (Part 18)

Shivaay pov
I know something is wrong and I have to find out
I can’t ever repeat the mistake of looking her and ansh
Within no time I headed towards her room
It was locked
Maybe she needs some time that’s when I heard her talk to someone I stoped there in fronte of her open large window
I heard his voice that bastards

I clenched my jaws hearing his voice
How dare he have my ansh so he is blackmailing Anika i wont leave that rascal how dare he take my ansh
And how dare he threaten my wife my anika how dare he trouble her
And then she broke down upfront of me
And she why can’t she say to me

Is it because she didn’t trust with frustration
I broke the vase near me

Anika pov
I heard some noise it was kind of breaking I turned to find shivaay with his jaws clenched hand bleeding and his red shot firey eyes which scared me i have never seen him angry lile this in my life I know he heard everything what I said
And he came in through the window and closed it he looked everywhere to know if someone is watching his each step is making me scared I know he can never hurt me but he can hurt himself which is equal in hurting me

What will I say to him
What answer will I give to him
He came forward and i stood up gulping my fears
He grabbed my arm and pinched me to the wall
Shivaay: anika how dare u hid this from me how dare u
Anika:Shi.. vaay vo..
Shivaay:our ansh our baby was in that monsters hand and how can u not inform me dont u think i have the right to know about our son my son
And what do u think of your self that u can handle everything what if something happens to u anika
Anika said him everything
Shivaay:after giving me divorce u will go to that bastard do u think that he will leave u alone and anika don’t u trust me

Don’t u think i can protect u and our son
With that he banged his bleeding hand on the wall
Anika immediately took his hand in hers
Anika:no shivaay it’s notice that
I trust u more that my life but I was scared

He has his people in our home what if they inform him and what if something happen to ansh with that she falls in his arms crying
Shivaay pov
She is in my arms now
I calmed down I thought from her side and then I got to know how much she must have beared how must she must have sufferd
I heard her saying shivaay I am sorry I was suffocating each moment without telling u but I was scared shivaay i was scared
I tightened my arms around her

I hugged her and I closed my eyes
I kissed her temples
Anika it’s okay Anika I am with u and I will never let anything happen to our son
She just slept in my arms

Maybe because she was tierd and she was perfect for my arms
I kissed her and lay her down on the bed coverd her and she holded my hands
I promise u anika I will bring our life our ansh back together we can fight everything And I promise u daksh i will kill u with my own hands

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    Sorry for not commenting your previous parts. Actually I read your previous parts (14,15,16,17,18) in today. I’m happy finally shivika are united. I imagine the same story. I imagine that when shivay met with an accident that time anika will come back to OM. Shivay will surely bring back his ansh from psycho Daksh. I’m waiting for your next episode. All the best for your exams. You will surely rock it dear. If you have get time read my birthday surprise os, it’s was my first work, so I want to know your opinion about my work . I send the link of my os. And I stars to write an shivika ff it’s name is “finding my love… Anika ” . I was posted the intro of my ff. It’s was the link of my ff

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