Tu hi meri jeene ki wajah an ff by rena (Part 16)


Hi guys I am rena back again sorry for late update I really busy and I also very lazy so plz forgive me and read and comment
Shivaay was brought to oberoi  mansion
Anika:in all these rush i forgot to look about ansh
Anika went to ansh’s room but he was not there
Ansh is not here maybe with prinku
But he was not with her
Prinku:bhabi ansh was with his nani(caretaker)
But he was no were to be seen
I was going to say this to everyone when my phone started to ring it was an unknown number i answered it
Man: ahhh anika ur voice but are u criying my jaaaan
Anika:wh.o.. are u this voice seemed to be so familiar
Man:dont worry  ansh is safe in my hands
Anika:ansh wherevis my ansh she started to crt and is speaking in her cracked voice
Man:awww anika dont cry ur child means my child whatever u love or like its  all mine after all i was ur lover
Anika:who are u
Man:i am back… anika daksh khurana is back
Anika stood there numb while hearing his namee
Anika:stammering da..k.. sh she started breathing heavily
Dakh:ahhh its so nice to hear my name from your mouth yes anika dakdh ur stalker
Anika:what do u want daksh where is my ansh… 
Daksh :i need u anika i want you to be with me
Anika:what do u want from me and plz dont hurt my ansh plz give him back to me she starts to cry

Daksh:ok anika dont cry dont cry i will give him back to ubbut one one condition
Daksh:u have to give divorce to shivaay
Anika:no i wont  what are saying
Daksh:ok fine anika then forget that  there is a person called ansh in this world may his soul rest in peace
Anika:nooo nooo dont do that i am ready to give divorce plz dont hurt my ansh
Daksh:thats my baby dont inform this to anyone or else u know the consequences
Anika :ok
…. the call gets disconnected
Anika:kyun hamesha mere saath aisa hotha hai
Mujhe nahi pata mai shivaay se hath se divorce kaise mangooga par mujhe ansh ko bachana hai devi maiyaa aap mujhse nafrat karti hai naa
Isliya hamesha mere dath galath ho rahi rahi
Aise kya kiya maine jiski wajah se mujhe nafrat karti hoon
Shivaay i sorry but i have to do this hamare ansh keliye i should leave u shivaay i should leave uu….

Singhaniya mansion
Avni:ok so now shivaay is taking care of my di
Neil:i dont want anyone to trouble anika
Dev :neil she is fine now
Sidharth :if u  want we can go check on her and ansh ok
Neil :ok
Anika:main kisse madath mangoo i wish if sidharth was here with me
Precap: shivaay shouted
anika what are you saying shouted shivaay
Anika:i want divorce shivaay i want divorce….

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    About your ff it’s was nice episode. I miss some parts. So I didn’t get a correct picture. And dear please don’t separate shivika again. In IB shivika are already separated. I don’t want it will happen to your ff too. Update soon. I’m waiting for your next episode. Bye take care

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