Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 13)

Anika leaved for the set  while ansh  was playing with om
Shivaay :i dont know why she is behaving like this she is not old anika anymore
Shivaay took ansh in his hands a layer of tear was forming in his eyes
Shivaay :how bad papa i am i was not there with my wife when she needed me i was not there when u started to walk i was not there to look after u as a father its all just because of my mistake plz forgive  me ansh plz
Ansh didn’t understand what he was saying but he wiped his tears
Shivaay was soo hapou that ansh was calling  him papa
Rudr:bhaiyaa he called u papa
Shivaay:i promise u ansh  i will never u
Anika pov:ehy are you doing this to me what didi i ever did to u i can never loose  my son
Sidharth  holds her hand and squeezed it
Anika:sidarth when did u come
Sid:are u  okay anika
Anika:sid i am confused i dontbjnow what to do
Sidh:anika i know u  love him
Anika:sidh its not like that
Sidh:anika i know u very well dont try to hide it from me i think  u should  guve  him a chance i can see the guilt in his face
Anika :sidh ur saying like this
Sidh:anika i know we did engagement but we did it for ansh but when he has his own family out there dont u think u should give them a chance whatever decision u take we are tgere with u
Anika:neil and avnibate comming tomorrow
Sid:ha niku they are angry that shivaay came back again
Anika:ok its time to go and take care she hugs him
Anika pov:should i  give him a chance
I hope ansh didnt make a mess
Oberoi mansion
I enterd the mansion it was full messy toys spread it was not the clean mansion anymoremi saw ansh in tej uncle’d hand he was beating him and he was irritating him but tej uncle was soo happy and is kissing ansh i saw dasi pinky aunty everyone’s face shining with glow which was missing for few days ir maybe few tears insaw shivaay bringing milk firbandh ibknow ansh doesn’t like milk but he drinked it shivaay had added chocolate in it
Rudr had bought a car in wich  ansh can sit and drive rudr is still a child thank god he didnt brought a real car
I saw a happy family in front of my eyes
Om was the only sensible one he was busy making others understand that ansh was full and he needs ti sleep om took him in his hands everyone became silent slowly he slept in his hands just then everybody notice me
I went to om om said he will make himnsleepnin his room i agreed and kissed on his  cheecks even in sleep also he woped my kiss
Everyone was looking at me but i cant handle all these things i went to my room
Shivaay :why are u always angry
Anika:shivaay whyvdo ubkeep disturbing me dont u have anybotger job
Shivaay:did u meet sidharth today
Anika:ha so what and why are u spying on me
Shivaay:anika why did u meet him
Anika understands he is jealous
Anika: he is my finace so i met him
Shivaay:-xcuse me i am ur husband and i dont wantvu to meet him and he pushes her to him
Anika:what are u doing
Shivaay:ur my wife and cant i do a little romance with my wife
Anika:keep distance
Shivaay holds her waist
Shivaay :is this distance enough
Anika is breathing nervously
Shivaay comming closer to her ear i love u anika and i will make u mine
Anika closes her eyes
Shivaay gave a pecknon her lips
Shivaay :get ready fast we arebgoing out toady
A/N what do u guyz think anika firgibe shivaay and should i continue if yes plz comment

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  1. Madhu.r

    Rocked it sis

  2. Awesome. I think she must give him one chance.

  3. Nice one and u should continue

  4. Awesome

  5. Dhar

    Yes she should give him a chance but not immediately, let her feel that shivaay is really sorry for his mistakes , this was a awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

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  7. Awesome di. I think now you should unite shivay and anika. Loved it. ? ?

  8. Madhuani

    I think shivaay should get a chance to prove himself.

  9. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  10. Amazing epi

  11. Awesome rena… Waiting 4 nxt….

  12. Arthi

    She shd forgive but no so easily dr…..and this episode was superb…….

  13. Awesome update

  14. Awesome…..continue

  15. U Rocked dear…So Adorable and Amazing epic..want more scenes of Ansh with family…plz plz

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