Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 12)

Hey guys so sorry for being g late and I did not get much respond from u guys anyway hope u like this part
Shivaay was shocked about what Anika said
Shivaay: Anika how can u say all these things
Anika:I know what Shivaay there is a word called shame and I u and ur family doesn’t have it and I didn’t trust me right
Shivaay: Anika it’s was a mistake Anika speaks not allowing him to complete
Anika: Shivaay once trust is broken it can never be back so try to stay away from me and my son
Shivaay: Anika u are mine and it is our  son and Shivaay Singh oberoi things are always his and he moves closer to anika
Anika: I am not a thing Shivaay and I am u soon going to become Anika sidharth khurana

She stressed the word sidharth khurana making Shivaay angry
Shivaay’s eyes was red
He pinned her to the wall
Anika: leave me Shivaay
Shivaay was so close to her
What does he think of himself I will never forgive him I can hear his heartbeats and his blue orbs which are seeking for forgiveness it showed that he was guilty for moment I was lost then all his harsh words was echoing in my mind

She was so lost and confused her heart beats very fast as I am going closer to her fit a moment I felt that she was my old anika I don’t know what she is thinking a layer of tears was forming in her eyes I pulled her by her waist again while she was struggling i was craving for her in all these years and now when I have her here in my arms I completed our inches

He kissed me even I craved for this kissed
What are u doing Anika I pushed him with all my might
Anika: what do you think of it self
Shivaay: ur husband
Anika: seriously don’t I have shame
Shivaay: why should I be shamed in front of my wife
And Anika u know what it’s better u leave sidharth khurana why do u need him when an handsome husband like me is with u
Anika:Shivaay it’s better if bloom inot mirror someday
They heard ansh voice from down
Shivaay: ansh And rushed
Anika also went behind him
Ansh was with of Dadi all the members was playing with him
Shivaay rushed to ansh he took him in his arms I saw his eyes become wet by seeing his son
Ansh was looking into his eyes dont know what my billu is thinking

Everyone was shocked to hear ansh calling him billu
Shivaay:who taught u this
Ansh :billu billu billu
Shivaay: Just like his mother dobtvknow what and all she has teaches my son
Anika: excuse me he said that because u have blue eyes like him everyone call him billu so he just called u anyway myvson said the truth u are a billu
Shivaay was soo happy hearing that word from her mouth from his panikas mouth
Anika took ansh in her hands
Anika:I think it is better u all stay away from him I dont want my son to be spoiled like u people
Shivaay: what are u saying Anika
Anika :really I hate all of u I expect one person only one person it’s just om
I very well know my brother will trust me and I also know that he had searched for me it these years dev told me that omkara has been searching for me
Anika: om I want my son to be like u stand by the truth I k ow on u searched for me Anika went towards him and have him ansh in his hands
Anika: om I only trust u take care of him I have to go to the sets
Or I wilm take him as he is happy playing in he sets
Om:no Anika not being his chachi but being his mother’s brother what do we say mama I want to take care of him
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    Superb dr…….the bond btwn bhabi and devar is superb……

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  15. Superb..want more scenes of om and Ansh

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    sorry for the late comment and sorry for not commenting your previous part. It was an nice episode dear. I like the bond between anika and om, the only one she trusted from oberio family it’s om. I want some moments between Andy and om. In this part one mistake happens you write chaachi instead of chacchu . I can’t able to read your next episode because my exams are starting soon. so I will miss you. I will surely read your ff after my exams ends

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