Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 11)

Hi guys sooo sorry for being late actually I was verybusy and now I am free and my other ff are also completed hope that I can concentrate on thus hope you like it and thankyou guys for ur comments
Part 10

Shivaay room
Shivaay: Anika I am sooo sorry but plz don’t leave me I can’t live without u and ansh
Om:shivaay calm down there is gotta be any way
Rudr: karan Chauhan has blocked every way of getting her
Shivaay comming coming back to his sso style
Shivaay: the people with Anika tea very powerful and dangerous for us and now Anika is a star an
She is also a Dana and I now sidhanth rana will protect her and that blo*dy sidharth khurrana he is the main threat he can do anything
Rudr: bhaiyaa our lawyer told me that the time spam for u both to stay was 6 months but becz of karan it was reduced just one Month
Shivaay: I have to do something within this one Month khanna call the lawyer we are heading singhaniya mansion tomorrow atleast one Month I got her

Singhaniya mansion
Karan:I tried but still he gitvone month and u have to stay with him
Anika:it’s okay karan u really helped me and
Sidharth: but how will I stay there Anika I can’t leave u there alone
Anika:font worry sidh it’s just one Month I can handle it and tomorrow I am sure he wil come and I am going with him
Maghna:what are u saying Anika how can u go with him
Kunal:No way u and ansh won’t go anywhere
Dev:Anika do t be stupid u won’t even step into that monsters house
Anika: guys listen i am not old anika Abuja and atleast already in thus one Month I will torture them I won’t even low them to be closer to me believe me plz
Sidharth: if u say so
Nania:what how can u
Sidharth: Anika has shooting so she will be staying at their mansion in Hyderabad and plz it’s the time for them to regret and let Anika do it I know her very well she is our Anika
Ansh was sleeping in sidharths hand
Everyone parted to their respective rooms
Anika was thinking how to handle him in this one Month
Anika pov: I k ow very well Shivaay qobt leave this chance but anyway it’s just one Month after that I will be free otherwise he will be always a disturbance to me
Next morning
Ansh was going to his maasi Malika and sidhanth rana house

Shivaay came everyone was staring him Anika went with him he was sad ansh went but he k kw ansh will surely come in evening
In the car
Shivaay : Anika I will make u mine forever in these days
Anika:as I wish shivaay anyway plz don’t disturb me or my profession
Shivaay:Anika u know I have changed a lot
Anika: Shivaay i have changed for good
Shivaay :we reached
They reached the mansion

Everyone was waiting for her
But Anika don’t care not even about Dadi or others bha even they didn’t trust her
Dadi Anika and goes to hug her but Anika moves backward
Anika: I don’t have time for this drama
Shivaay: Anika what are u saying
Anika: what I am saying the truth and plz I am tired and I have to leave for shoot after sometime so let me go and Shivaay were is my room
Shivaay: I will be staying in my room
Anika no that there is no meaning in arguing she was going
Dadi puthar were is ur mangalsutra
Anika:dadi I am only engaged to sidharth I will marry him soon and I will there wear mangalsutra of his name and wear sindoor of his name
Pinky ur Shivaay s wife now

Anika: oh but that mangalsutra and that relation with him and u all ended that Day when i left the mansion sorry when I thrower me out of the mansion with no reason Anika leave from there
It’s is very tough for Anika to behave like this but she had to
Shivaay was boiling on anger the words are echoing in his ear I will marry sidharth and will wear the mangalsutra and sindoor if of his name
He also went behind her
Shivika room
Anika Animal was setting her clothes on the cupboard
We’re Shivaay enters
Shivaay pushes her into him
Anika felt a shock with his touch on her body
Shivaay holds her waist and pulls her closer
Anika:what are u doing Shivaay leave me
Shivaay leans closer :I are my wife and ur dream of marrying that idiot won’t work
Shivaay was trying to remove the ring from her hand it was hurting for Anika
Anika leave me Shivaay
Anika lost her temper and slaps him
Shivaay was shocked
Anika: what the hell one more time become closer to me then u won’t see me alive

Precap : Shivaay behaving close to anika some shivika moments will Shivaayake Anika his or will she become some one else

Plz comment and share ur views and I have a other idea on my mind but I will write that after I finish this work with love Rena

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