Tu hi Meri Jeene ki Wajah a ff by rena (Part 10)

Hi guys I am sooo sooo sorry for being late actually I was in a trip so its the reason that I cannot update so hope u guys like this part


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Morning oberoi mansion in Hyderabad
Shivaay pov:what should I do to get her back I know that she is very angry at me and she has every right to be angry at me but that doesn’t mean she can marry that sidharth khurana she is anika Shivaay singh oberoi
Pinky:shivaay what can we do
Om:it’s not easy bringing her back
Rudr:I want Anika and ansh to be back
Shivaay : by laws she is still my wife so we are going to singhaniya mansion I have to bring my sso style
Sighaniya mansion
Anika:sidharth I am sure he won’t sit simply and he will come here with his rights that I am his wife
Sidharth:but no use Anika u don’t worry I know how to handle this case very well
Anika: I know that when I are with me nothing will happen to us
Meghna:anika I still want to punch that Shivaay in his face how dare he come again here don’t he have shame
Karan:one more time he try to hurt Anika or ansh I will not spare him
Kunal:he don’t know who is kunal Singh Chauhan I have been destroying his every deal in Hyderabad
Anika: this time he will lose I know exactly what to do
By this time the oberois enter the mansion
Naina:tum log yaha
Shivaay :why can’t I meet my wife Mrs Anika shivaay Singh oberoi
Sidharth was about to say something but anika holds his hand and nods no
Shivaay doesn’t like Anika being close to him
Shivaay: so anika meri bewi how are u
Anika: oh Shivaay I think u are mistaken I am Anika rana
Shivaay: u are my wife
Anika: I was Shivaay I was not know I am Anika rana and I am going to become mrs Anika sidharth khurana I hope you understand
Dadi:puthar aisa nahi Karna chahiye
Anika cuts in between
Anika: plz dadi I am not going to listen to anyone of u why don’t u all understand I am very happy now why can’t u all see my happiness why do u want to destroy it
Shivaay: it’s not like that Anika
Anika: shivaay I just don’t know what u want by the time ansh enters
Shivaay: ansh
Anika: don’t u dare he is not ur child he is sidharth cuts in and speaks:he is our child and sidharth khurana
Anika:yes so plz leave or it should i call the security
Shivaay: but by the laws u are still my wife
Karan:shivaay Singh oberoi I hope u know what Chauhan can do if I want I can even destroy it oberoi empire
Shivaay: I just want my anika
Anika shouts on tope of her voice :what the hell
Can’t you understand or are u deaf u blo*dy idiot I just don’t want ur shadow on me or my child
She looks at oberois and say:I am saying this to everyone one more time u disturb me or my son there will be no one worst than me
Shivaay :he is my son and u r my wife and I will always be my wife
Ansh:papa mama Anika and sidharth hold ansh in their hands and play with him they look a cute super family
Shivaay was feeling broken and angry at sidharth
Shivaay rushes to them and take ansh in his hands.
Anika: shivaay give me my child
Shivaay: anika no it is our child
Karan:what are u doing
Shivaay: he is my child and I an Taking him
Anika takes ansh from his hands and gives to mehgna and she takes him inside
Shivaay :anikaaa u and ansh is mine
Anika slaps Shivaay everyone are shocked: I am not a toy that when I u want u can have and I can throw I am a person who have respect and Identity
Pinky :I am sosorry mehgna cuts in
Mehgna: don’t u all have shame knowing what u have all done u are again here
Naina:shameless people
Sidharth holds anika by waist :shivaay leave from here
Dev :security
Oberois sad and they leave Shivaay looks back teary eyes
While Anika ignore it Anika is feeling broken inside Anika hold sidharth close
Guys I am really busy these days so don’t kbow when i will post this or my other f2f I will my best and plz give me ur comments
With love Rena

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    let shivaay go through the same hell as Anika
    he should realise his mistakes as well as his family
    they shud beg on their knees and b humilated the way Anika was

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